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It's all about the little white lies ;)

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We parents sure do go through a whole lot when it comes to our kids and their poop!

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Honestly, until a person has a kid of their own, they will never understand how important poop is to a parent.

But we're sure there have been times when your kid didn't want to do their business... And that's when you probably told a little white lie to get those bowels moving!

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Maybe you told them the poop is lonely and wants to be friends with the toilet?

Or perhaps you told them there are worms in their tummy that will only come out if they poop?

Could it be that you told your sweet child that if they didn't go to the toilet, their body would be full of poo and... their head would explode?

What white lies have you told your child to get them to go to the toilet? Let us know and stand a chance to win these amazing prizes*:

All you have to do is go to this Facebook post, share the little white lie you told your kids to get them to poop, and hashtag #DiscoverMamil. Then share the post! It’s that simple! :)

Contest period: 1 February - 28 February 2018

*Terms and conditions apply.

Malaysian parents certainly do go to great lengths to ensure their kids poop, huh?

And it's for a good reason too! Your child's bowel movements are important to their overall health.

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A balanced diet, staying hydrated, and exercise are highly recommended by experts to keep your child's digestive system healthy. If all else fails, seek advice from a medical professional.

Check out this page for more information.

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