Good At Trivia? Here's How You Can Win A Share Of RM1 Million Just In Time For CNY

All you need to do is answer 12 questions correctly on this app.

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Free up your schedules and stay glued to your phones at 9pm for the next few days 'cause you could be one of the lucky winners who walks away with a whole lot of cash!

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The recently launched live-streaming app Tamago is currently rewarding its users by giving them the chance to win a share of RM1 million with its biggest contest to date, aptly named KA-CHINGGG

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Hosted by Faraz from eGG Network, this contest runs from 7 - 16 February 2018 with RM100,000 to be won every day!

You'll be guaranteed to win a share of RM1 million j
ust by correctly answering 12 simple questions. Here's how:

Step 1: Tune in to the special event room on Tamago at 9pm every night. Make sure to be on time! Late users who join after the event starts will only be able to watch.
Step 2: You'll be asked a succession of 12 trivia questions by the live host and multiple choice answers will be shown on the screen for you to select.
Step 3: Answer all 12 questions correctly to qualify for a share of the nightly prize.

So if your general knowledge covers knowing who's the founder of Alibaba Group, who's the creator of Adidas' Yeezy sneakers, or how Philippines is spelled correctly, you're likely to pocket some easy cash. It's that easy to win!

That's gonna be you cheering your head off when you win VS your jealous friend who didn't.

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Everyone who answers all 12 questions correctly will win an equal amount of the nightly prize

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And if there happens to be no winners for a particular night, the prize will snowball and be carried forward to the next day.

You can up your chances of winning by inviting a friend to sign up as a new user on Tamago. This will give you an extra life in the game show.

Just imagine all the things you could do with that prize money!

You'll feel like a total baller as you treat yourself to as much good food as your stomach can handle, shop 'till you drop and buy everything that you've been saving up for, or even treat your friends and family to an epic night out.

If you haven't already heard of it, Tamago is the hottest new live streaming app in South East Asia

Tamago is a live streaming social platform that lets you watch or broadcast live videos anytime, anywhere! You can watch live streams and chat with popular personalities and influencers, or even catch special live video content from concerts, events and eSports tournaments.

Don't forget, KA-CHINGGG will only be running until 16 February 2018 so don't miss out and download Tamago today. Good luck guys!

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