'American Assassin' Is The New Action Thriller That Everyone Is Talking About. Here's Why

The movie stars Dylan O'Brien and Michael Keaton!

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If you're an action movie fan, then you gotta watch 'American Assassin'

The movie follows the life of Mitch Rapp, who was orphaned at the age of 14, then later lost his fiancee to a terrorist attack, leaving him completely alone in the world. Seeking revenge, he is enlisted by the CIA to be a black ops recruit.

Led by Cold War veteran Stan Hurley, Mitch investigates a wave of random attacks on military and civilian targets, and discovers a dark secret that could start a world war.

Check out the action-packed trailer below:

The highly anticipated ‘American Assassin’ has been buzzing online, dominating social media conversations through August, over 'Thor: Ragnarok' and 'Deadpool 2'

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With almost a quarter of a million conversations happening about the movie, 'American Assassin' dominated social media last month as the most talked about movie!

The film has even received a 97% rating of 'Want to See' on Rotten Tomatoes by both critics and audiences, eager to watch the film.

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Fans of the 'The Maze Runner' series will rejoice to see Dylan O'Brien in the lead role of this new franchise

Dylan O'Brien as Thomas is 'The Maze Runner.'

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Best known as Thomas in 'The Maze Runner' series, O'Brien is leading the cast as the super agent Mitch Rapp, a skilled fighter trained by the CIA to counter terrorism who is bent on getting his personal revenge.

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Looks like he's all grown up and is totally killing it ;)

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The thriller features Oscar nominee Michael Keaton as war veteran Stan Hurley, who would be the most feared training officer in the CIA if people at the agency actually knew of his existence

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The original 'Batman', Michael Keaton plays the badass Cold War veteran who teaches the young assassin everything he needs to know. His acting skills have always been on point and we can't wait to watch him kick butt and kill bad guys!

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The movie also boasts an impressive supporting cast, including Taylor Kitsch, known for his roles in 'John Carter' and 'Battleship'

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Taylor Kitsch plays a character nicknamed "Ghost", the mysterious and deadly enemy operative whose identity is kept a secret.

The film is based on the mega best-selling book series by Vince Flynn, who was also a story consultant for the hit TV show '24'

Vince Flynn wrote political thrillers and all 14 of his novels made it to the New York Times best-seller list. 'American Assassin' is the first book of the series featuring one of contemporary fiction’s most popular heroes working in the shadows: CIA super-agent Mitch Rapp. If you enjoyed the Jason Bourne series, this is right up your alley!

Sadly, the author passed away in 2013, but his incredible black ops series featuring Mitch Rapp will continue under a new writer. That means we'll be able to enjoy the addictive series and thrilling action-filled adventures for years to come!

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Be sure to catch 'American Assassin' in all cinemas on 14 September 2017!

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