Here Are The Top Picks Of 2019 That You Should Watch While You're Chilling On Holiday

Unwind by binge-watching the full seasons on demand.

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Binge-watching awesome TV shows is a lazily perfect way to spend your year-end holiday ;)

In 2019, we were treated to the final seasons of several #BOMBZ television series, and the nostalgia we felt as our favourite shows came to an end was truly bittersweet.

As for many other popular shows, we can't wait for the release of new seasons in 2020! Meanwhile, the year-end holidays are a perfect time for some family bonding on the couch as we rewatch favourite shows while waiting for the next season.

Here are some of the most memorable shows you should totally catch up on:

1. 'Games of Thrones' (S1-S8 Full Boxsets)

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The final season of this terrifyingly epic show premiered this 2019, and we finally find out the resolution to the series' two central conflicts: the Great War against the Army of the Dead, and the Last War for control of the Iron Throne.

Who will emerge unscathed and victorious, and who will ascend to power on the Throne? Find out in Season 8 if you haven't already watched it!

2. 'The Walking Dead' (S1-S10 Full Boxsets)

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This American post-apocalyptic TV show is adapted from a comic book series and is perfect for horror buffs. Season 10 resumes in a period several months after Alpha's community fair massacre, and revolves around the communities as they unite against the Whisperers. 

3. 'The Big Bang Theory' (S1-S12 Full Boxsets)

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The final season of the well-loved American TV sitcom opens with Sheldon and Amy's honeymoon to New York City. Tensions are thick as some of the couples encounter relationship problems.

On the other hand, one lonely character is so depressed at being single that he agrees to an arranged marriage! How would that turn out?  

4. 'The Flash' (S1-S6 Full Boxsets)

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Season 6 of the DC comic-inspired action series begins when Iris nearly gets sucked into a black hole. Chester P. Runk builds a machine to open up more black holes, but his schemes backfire when half his consciousness gets sucked into a massive black hole hovering over Central City.

Will the heroes be able to close it and retrieve Runk's consciousness?

5. 'Doctor Room' (Full Boxset)

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Medical dramas have been super popular this year, and Doctor Room is another show K-drama enthusiasts can add to their lists!

This Korean TV series focuses on the debate surrounding euthanasia. Cha Yo-han is a young (and arrogant) anesthesiologist, nicknamed "10-second" for his ability to trace the source of his patients' mysterious aches and pains within seconds. However, after performing euthanasia on a dying patient whom he had failed to help, he was sentenced to three years in prison.

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