Just In Time For School Holidays! Here Are The 7 Most Popular Children's Shows On Astro GO

Your children won't run out of shows to watch!

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With school holidays upon us, kids can easily get restless around the house. If you're travelling, it can be really stressful for the little ones too!

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That's why Astro GO is such a convenient app for families. Whether your children are tagging along with you to complete errands or getting bored on a long road trip or plane ride, this app is packed with kid-friendly shows to keep them happy and entertained.

Check out the top 7 most popular children's shows on Astro GO:

1. 'Hello Pinkfong'

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'Hello Pinkfong' is the world's first Pinkfong and Baby Shark live-action show. It aims to help children learn English through various interesting learning styles such as song and dance as well as arts and crafts.

2. 'Upin & Ipin'

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'Upin and Ipin' is a favorite among Malaysian children. This animated television series stars a pair of adorable five-year-old twins who live with their elder sister Kak Ros and grandmother Mak Uda in a fictional Malaysian kampung. They embark on new adventures with their squad of friends around Kampung Durian Runtuh. 

3. 'Peppa Pig'

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Peppa Pig is a popular British animated character beloved by kids all across the globe. The show focuses on Peppa and her friends' lives as they navigate through everyday childhood activities like swimming, riding bicycles, visiting grandparents, going to playgroups and the playground. 

4. 'My Little Pony and Friends'

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In a mystical paradise known as Ponyland, these pretty Ponies strive to foster harmony among all kinds of magical creatures. The Ponies fight against witches, trolls, goblins, and other beasts who threaten to harm the Ponies and their home.

5. 'SMK'

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This comedy series narrates the story of Adam, a secondary school student who faces eight quirky classmates at his new Sekolah Menengah. 'SMK' celebrates the characters’ individuality and fosters a sense of togetherness and harmony despite their differing backgrounds.

6. 'Didi & Friends'

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'Didi & Friends' is a cute educational animated series starring three enthusiastic chickens and their exciting adventures as they explore the world around them. Both parents and children can join in the fun by singing and dancing along with the characters!

7. 'Molang'

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'Molang' is a French animated children's series featuring the friendship between Molang - a big, round, white rabbit, and Piu Piu - a tiny yellow chicken. They converse in an unknown language, but viewers can easily make sense of their expressions of surprise, adoration, and gratitude. 

Download the Astro GO app now to enjoy all these family-friendly TV shows, movies, and more. You definitely won’t run out of shows to watch!

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Among the premiering shows this holiday season are Astro's Originals: 'Hello Pinkfong' and 'SMK', which are now available for streaming on Astro GO. 

Astro GO is an app available for FREE for all Astro customers, and viewers can download and watch shows conveniently on-the-go!

Watch this video below to find out how to link your Astro Account to Astro GO:

To find out more, visit Astro GO GO GO now.

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