Here Are 6 Things Grab Is Doing To Empower The OKU Community On Their Platform

Grab has almost 500 drivers and partners from the OKU community.

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Did you know that over 500,000 people are part of the OKU community in Malaysia?

(Source: Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia, March 2019)

The hard truth is that it's a challenge for Malaysians with disabilities to find a job. That's why Grab launched their 'Break The Silence' campaign in 2018 to open up more income opportunities, especially for the deaf and hard of hearing.

This year, through their GrabForGood campaign, they have introduced more initiatives to empower the OKU community in different ways.

To date, almost 500 Malaysians with disabilities are regularly earning a living through the Grab platform

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Thanks to Grab, these people with disabilities including deafness, cerebral palsy, or motor impairments can earn an income as Grab driver partners, GrabFood delivery partners, and GrabPay merchant partners.

Many may not know this proud fact but Malaysia is one of the few countries in the world to have implemented progressive regulations that allow Persons With Disabilities (PWD) to obtain a commercial driver's licence!

In conjunction with International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December, we rounded up 6 things Grab is doing to push for greater inclusivity on their platform:

1. Grab is breaking down communication barriers between its hard of hearing partners and customers

Grab recently launched a series of sign language tutorial videos on Facebook to educate passengers and customers on how to communicate better with their drivers and merchant partners.

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Grab has also come up with specially designed aids in cars and in stores to help drivers and merchant partners interact more smoothly with their passengers and customers.

When passengers order a Grab, they will be notified if their drivers or delivery partners is deaf. They can then communicate easily through the GrabChat feature within their app.

2. Grab enhances safety features for OKU partners

With the Live Chat Support feature, deaf drivers and delivery partners can immediately chat with a Grab representative if they need help during an accident or emergency situation.

In such situations, they can also make use of the in-app SOS feature, which will send their live locations to friends or family as well as an automated SMS to emergency contacts.

3. Grab appoints OKU reps among its driver and delivery partner community

Klang Valley Teh Tarik Session

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To receive first-hand feedback and create a better driving experience, Grab recently appointed the first batch of OKU Driver-Partner and Deaf Delivery-Partner Representative Committee (DRC).

This gives OKU drivers and delivery partners a platform to voice out their opinions, while creating a knowledge-sharing community that supports each other. So far, multiple events in different cities have been held by the representatives, including futsal matches, gym outings, and casual family gatherings.

4. Grab trains their drivers on how to help passengers with disabilities

Grab has run their 'Assist' training since September and more than 200 drivers have been trained to date. This certified training teaches drivers how to assist physically disabled passengers, handle wheelchairs, and how to interact with OKU passengers.

5. Grab supports PWD merchants on GrabFood and GrabPay

This year, Grab has introduced various differently-abled merchants on GrabFood and GrabPay. To further support these OKU communities, Grab will also be having an exclusive promotion for these merchants from 29 September to 31 December 2019. Check out the promotions on their website:

  • Get RM5 off with a minimum order of RM25 on GrabFood with the promo code GRABFORGOOD
  • Get RM5 rebate with a minimum spend of RM25 when you pay with GrabPay in stores

6. Grab lets you donate to OKU related charities through GrabRewards

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In collaboration with Malaysia Federation of the Deaf and Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah, you can make an easy donation to Tadika and Taska Istika Jaya (deaf children schools) and PPKKCTM (children home) using your GrabRewards points.

Reading this on your mobile? Click here to donate via GrabRewards!

All in all, Grab is dedicated to helping the OKU community in Malaysia thrive and achieve their fullest potential

Find out more about their GrabForGood campaign on their website today!

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