Cathryn Lee: No Need To Compare Ticket Prices Of My Musical Performance With BLACKPINK's

Tickets to Cathryn Lee's performance are as high as RM1,168.

Cover image via 鈦飛文娛 (Facebook) & @cathrynli (Instagram)

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Malaysian influencer and pianist Cathryn Lee said it is unnecessary to compare the ticket prices of her musical performance with that of BLACKPINK's concert

Lee, who is 33 years old, made the statement after China Press wrote an article, titled, 'Cathryn Lee's concert (ticket) in Taiwan is RM117 cheaper than BLACKPINK's'.

It is understood that the influencer with 2.5 million followers on Instagram will be holding a musical performance at the Taipei International Convention Centre (TICC) on 16 April.

According to the organiser, ticket prices range from TWD2,200 (about RM321) to as much as TWD8,000 (RM1,168).

"It is reported that the lowest ticket price for BLACKPINK's Kaohsiung concert is TWD2,300 (RM336), and the highest ticket price for VVIP is TWD8,800 (RM1,286). Compared to Lee's concert, the difference is TWD800, or about RM117," wrote China Press in a report yesterday, 6 March.

After seeing her show was compared with the popular K-pop girl group's tour, Lee left a sharp remark in the comments section of China Press' Facebook post

"Ticket prices are determined by the organiser.

"One is a K-pop concert and the other is a classical music concert. There is no need for the media to compare two different performances.

"If you must compare me with BLACKPINK, I am only a classical music player. My fame is definitely not on their level. Even so, I will try to give my best performance and dedicate myself to the audience who support me and classical music," Lee wrote in the comments section last night.

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