Malaysia's 'Piano Goddess' Says No Hot Pot If You Want A Hot Bod

But where's the fun in that?

Cover image via @cathrynli (Instagram) & Asian Inspirations

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A 32-year-old Malaysian influencer and classical "Piano Goddess" pianist, Cathryn Li, recently revealed the 'secret' to her famous figure: no desserts, no barbecue, and no hot pot

Li shared a series of photos on Instagram showcasing her daily meals, consisting of carefully measured portions of low-carb and low-fat dishes.

Meals consist of the usual fitness influencer fare — quinoa, corn, broccoli, eggs, asparagus, and lean meats like beef and chicken — with Li claiming she has maintained this insanely strict diet for five years.

"Persistence for five years is no longer called persistence, it's a habit," the influencer stated in her caption.

When asked by a fan in the comments whether she'd miss hotpot, barbecue, and desserts, Li had only this to say:

"I'm not fond of sweet foods. I only eat hot pot once every two months and barbecue once a year."

Girl... couldn't be me.

I live and breathe hot pot.

Image via 1091/GIPHY
Image via Instagram

Other fans in the comments expressed their awe at her "self-discipline", and her "comic book waist".

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Li faced heated backlash in 2019 for stating that women who wear a size M and above are fat

"In Asia, S means M, M means L. Anything above M is as sinful as obesity," Li had posted in an Instagram Story to her millions of followers. "If you are size six and above, please stop eating and move your a** to the gym already."

Li apologised soon after in an Instagram post, acknowledging the statement was "highly offensive and insensitive".

"Looking back, I now realise how that was a mistake at many levels. Not only was the tone of my message offensive, I was encouraging friends to conform to an unhealthy beauty standard, which I have also imposed on myself."

"With over a million followers, I know that I am responsible for the content of the posts I share," she added.

"I am deeply sorry for the hurt, anger, and disappointment I have caused you [all]," Li wrote.

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