Cry Your Hearts Out, Guys. Marianne Tan Is Now Engaged To Jared Lee!

Prepared to cry tears of joy, or sadness. Depends on which side of the fence you are on.

Cover image via Marianne Tan/Facebook

Many of you out there are probably familiar with the name Marianne Tan. For those who are not, you might recognise her from videos of local YouTubers like TheGRIMFILM, JinnyboyTV and Joseph Germani.

Otherwise known as an actress and digital illustrator, we suspect she has caught a lot of Malaysian guys' hearts with her charm, good looks and lovable personality. How is anyone this perfect?!

One of her digital illustration works.

Image via @mariannetpy/Instagram

But of course, only one person managed to win over her heart, who is none other than Jared Lee, co-founder of TheGRIMFILM

Their cute selfies are bound to make you envious of their relationship

As if their relationship couldn't get any enviable, on 15 February 2015, they got engaged!

C'mon, the proposal took place on a beach. During sunset. With someone to take a photo. Take note, guys.

Congratulations to the happy couple! :)

Image via tumblr.com

For the broken-hearted guys (and girls) out there, it's okay. There are still plenty of fishes left in the sea.

Image via mashable.com

Unless you want to follow the advice of #7 from this story. Then, errr, don't tell anyone you got the idea from us.

Image via says.com

We wonder if Marianne Tan is guilty of any of these annoying but cute habits:

Do you think they're more in love than these animals? You be the judge!

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