Are You Good At Identifying Song Titles? Because You Could Win A Chunk Of RM12,000

Do you know your Taylor from your Ariana?

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"Eh, what's the name of this song ah?"

If you're the person your friends always ask to name song titles and artists, oooohh gurl, is this your time to shine!

Because Fly FM is giving away cash prizes when you name two song titles and the artist correctly :O

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Stand a chance to win a chunk of RM12,000 on Fly's Money Heist from now until 2 October. Here's what you have to do:

1. Tune in to Fly FM from 6am til midnight, Monday to Friday.
2. Listen for two back-to-back songs by the artist of the week.
3. When you hear the cue to call, grab your phone and dial 03-7724 1144.
4. The 5th caller through gets the chance to name the two song titles and the artist correctly to win!

If you get it right, you'll win RM200 cash. Every time someone gets it wrong, that money snowballs to the next round ;)

Excited to put your music skills to the test?

Get ready for good times ahead with Hafiz, Guibo & RD from Fly’s AM Mayhem, Ivan on your drive home, and Ili at night.

Keep Fly FM on at all times to increase your chances of winning. Stream online via the website or YouTube now!

Visit Fly FM's official website for more info, and don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

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