'Indian Dad' Interrupts Woman With Hilarious Commentary While She Sings In Viral Videos

"Her dad is now my favourite person."

Cover image via TikTok @sheena.melwani

Singer-songwriter Sheena Melwani has quickly risen to fame thanks to her 'Indian dad's' savage comments in her TikTok videos

If you grew up in a typical Indian household, you might find her videos extremely relatable.

But even if you didn't, they'll definitely make your day.

Sheena shares that she was randomly playing the piano one day after doing a Facebook Live session when the roasting started.

"It was completely organic and out of the blue. I posted it to my TikTok page for my family to see, and it just started getting more and more views," she said.

Her initial video has since taken the Internet by storm with over 2.6 million views!

Speaking to SAYS, Sheena reveals that there has been much debate around whether or not it's her dad in the background of the videos

Some made guesses that it's her husband or someone else but she's been enjoying the banter too much to confirm or deny anything for now.

Although she's already married, most of the funny banter in her videos is centred around dating life and working hard – reminding her of her school days.

When asked how her real dad feels about them, she says that he and her entire family have been super supportive and it's all in good fun.

Having started her TikTok page only three months ago, Sheena's grateful to have been able to spread joy, especially during this time

"While these videos started off as a way to make my family a little happier during tough times, my channel has grown into a place where people from all over the world can come to laugh and enjoy music with us."

She adds that although the public comments speak of laughter, she's received private messages about how these videos and her music have helped people cope with the stresses during these very challenging times.

"Kindness, like laughter, is contagious."

You can follow and watch more of her TikTok videos here.

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