Here Are 8 EPIC Homegrown Malaysian Artists You've Gotta Add To Your Music Playlist

We're jamming to these artists all day long.

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Here are 8 Malaysian talents to add to your music playlist ASAP:

1. Akid

Going viral for his political satire-inspired 'Apa Lagi Kita Mau' music video, Akid is an honest rapper who isn't afraid to cross racial and ethnic boundaries in his lyrics. A proponent of just 'doing you', the Cheras native actually prefers to write his content in English, stating in an interview with SAYS that only when it comes to talking smack, Bahasa Malaysia and Cantonese are the best.


2. K-Clique

Comprised of eight members, K-Clique is a rap collective that first gained popularity in the underground rap scene in Sabah. With bangers such as 'Lain Lain Line' and 'Sah Tu Satu', the group has amassed millions of views on their YouTube channel. 


3. Zamaera

Shooting to fame with her debut single 'Helly Kelly', Zamaera is a force to be reckoned with, not just for being a female rapper, but for being an overall musical talent. Her diverse execution of genres and lyrical content make her one of the most versatile talents in Malaysia. 


4. Airliftz

Aliff Shaharom, AKA Airliftz, has been making music since the age of 13. With the heavy use of Soundcloud and Twitter, he started gaining recognition for his freestyle talent, landing him his first major gig at Good Vibes Festival 2017. With his Debut EP 'Bagel' taking the Internet by storm way back in 2017, the only way for Airliftz now is up.


5. Lunadira

Starting off as a barista, Lunadira was determined to prove to her parents that singing was going to be a full-time job instead of a side hustle. According to the songstress, her music is 'sad groovy', taking a lot of inspiration from Frank Ocean and Daughter. One of her most popular songs to date is also the only song that wasn't written based on her own personal experiences. It's called 'Stuck With You' and has over 1.1 million plays on Spotify.


6. Kidd Santhe

Real name, Prassanth Navaratnam, this Malaysian rapper initially took an interest in beatboxing at the young age of 10 years old. Kidd Santhe eventually decided to make music at the age of 16 and turned it into a full-time commitment when he turned 18.


7. NYK

Shooting to fame with the electric single 'FWB' in 2017, NYK (real name: Nick Yungkit) was born in Penang and grew up in Subang Jaya. Drawing heavy inspiration from FutureSex / LoveSounds by Justin Timberlake, NYK decided to pursue music as a career. He's also a firm believer in good marketing when it comes to getting his name out in the music-sphere. Though it's ultimately about writing good music, it's also about reaching the intended audiences, and this has become a strong focus for him.


8. Bil Musa

Scouted by Yuna's manager at a wedding, Nabilah Musa, AKA Bil Musa, immediately signed to Yuna Room Records in a move that would kickstart her music career. With her smooth, sultry voice, Bil Musa immerses listeners in songs that are intentionally relevant to Gen Y. One of her latest singles, 'Pikachu (Aku Pilih Kamu)' is already racking up a significant amount of plays on Spotify, taking the popular phrase from the Pok√©mon television series and turning it into a playfully romantic and jazzy ballad. 


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