You're A True Zombie Fan If You Can Relate To These 19 Points

What does it take to be a zombie? Deadication.

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1. You were addicted to 'Plants vs Zombies' on your phone

As well as its sequels!

2. And you slaughtered your fair share of zombies in plenty of other video games

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From the legendary 'Resident Evil' series and 'Left 4 Dead' to the quirky 'Zombies Ate My Neighbors,' you've killed them ALL!

3. Scream-singing to 'Zombie' is a MUST every time you go karaoke

4. You watch every episode of 'The Walking Dead'

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5. You're really into the zombie cult classics that not many people know

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From the 'Night of the Living Dead' series to 'Evil Dead' and 'White Zombie', you know your stuff!

6. And you check out all the latest zombie flicks on the big screen

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Including the highest grossing zombie flick to date, 'World War Z.' Excited about the sequel? ;)

7. You got emotional watching 'Train to Busan'

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8. While your friends turn away in disgust during a zombie movie, you're grinning from ear-to-ear

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9. In fact, you're actually always rooting for the zombies to win

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10. #relationshipgoals

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11. You seriously considered getting a zombie apocalypse survival kit

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And mapped out the safest place to be when an outbreak happens!

12. You're excited about the zombocalypse

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Let's face it, you're ready.

13. You know all the moves to 'Thriller' and not just this part...

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14. You really want to join a zombie zumba class just because... zombies.

15. You practise your zombie walk when you're home alone

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16. You dressed up as a zombie for Halloween

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You know how to apply zombie makeup too

17. You plan to visit unique zombie-themed restaurants and bars around the world

Drink with the dead at Night Gallery Cafe Crow in Roppong.i

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Eat and drink "human body parts" :O

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Get served by zombie maids at Schatzkiste in Tokyo.

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Get your fill of braaaaains at the Zombie Cafe in Bandung.

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Honestly, you should just open one in Malaysia!

18. You've run for your life at the zombie run in KL

19. You survived a virtual reality zombocalype

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