Malaysians Share Their Most Epic Haunted House Experiences

"I died that night. I've been a walking corpse ever since."

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1. The date that didn't go as planned

"I brought this girl to a haunted house for a first date thinking she would be so scared that I could be the one to protect her. Turns out she's super brave and I was the one clinging on to her arm and screaming. She thought it was hilarious. I think I peed my pants a little bit."

- Adam, 26.

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2. The girl who "died" in a mirror maze

"I went to Halloween Horror Nights 6 at Universal Studios Singapore with my girlfriends. We were in a haunted house that was a mirror maze. Our reflections were everywhere. We saw the exit ahead of us but when we reached it, we realised it was actually a dead end and we were trapped. We turned around and our reflections in the mirrors suddenly switched into the Nine Tail Fox. I died that night. I've been a walking corpse ever since."

- Esther, 26.

3. The horror of your own reflection

"I was so terrified in this haunted house that I tried to escape but couldn’t find the exit and ended up running straight into a mirror. I bounced off the mirror and got even more scared when I saw my reflection in it!”

- Julie, 21

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4. The man who faced the ultimate pain

"We were standing in this hall and suddenly the lights went out and we were in pitch black. I was already feeling freaked out, then something whispered in my ear. I turned and screamed right at that thing. It turned out to be my wife who was also so scared that she screamed right back and slapped my face. Such a painful memory..."

- Kumar, 33.

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5. The girl who fought back

"One year, my high school ‘Hari Kantin’ event involved a haunted house hosted by one of the senior classes. I stomped really hard on the hand of one of the “ghosts” who tried to grab my ankle. Saw my senior with bandaged hand the next day."

- Gowri, 25

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6. The couple that almost broke up

“My girlfriend nearly broke up with me in a haunted house. I was so scared that I kept pushing her in front of me and hiding behind her. She got angry that I wasn’t protecting her. But… it was SCARY!”

– Sabri, 31

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7. The horror junkie who lost to a clown

"I love horror, the supernatural, ghosts, ghouls, and all that stuff. I was so pumped to go to this haunted house. Was having a great time then suddenly a deranged clown jumped out and that was it! I CANNOT DO CLOWNS!! My one and only phobia. I thought my heart was gonna explode from the fear. I turned and ran out the entrance."

- Peter, 23.

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8. The zombie who got traumatised by its visitors

"I went into a haunted house holding a balloon I got at the fair. It was dark and eerie and freaky inside. A zombie appeared and we were kinda giggling at him when suddenly there was a huge BANG! We all screamed and ran towards the zombie, who got a shock and ran away from us. My balloon had burst. Poor zombie!"

- Ana, 20.

9. The one who got left behind

"A group of us entered a haunted house that was actually a maze. We were holding on to each other when suddenly these creatures jumped out from in front AND behind us. It was mayhem! We were screaming and running and got separated. I ended up completely alone. It was SO SCARY. I just sat down in a corner and waited, I refused to go on alone. The haunted house operator had to come find me because my friends were too scared to come look for me themselves! Hahahaha. We're all equally useless."

- Shu Yiing, 24.

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