Jaclyn Victor Says Singing For Barack Obama Is One Of Her Proudest Musical Achievements

"And then, he invited me to come to the White House!" said Jaclyn.

Cover image via ATHQ Media (YouTube) & Jaclyn Victor (Facebook)

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Malaysian singer and the first winner of Malaysian Idol, Jaclyn Victor, recently sat down with actress Amelia Henderson to discuss all things related to her long and prosperous career

During the interview, which was conducted as part of Henderson's online podcast, Studio Sembang, the duo discussed Jaclyn's music journey, her shift in the entertainment industry, and indulged in fan-related segments such as answering rapid fire questions as well as giving advice to viewers who sent in questions prior to the episode's taping.

However, one very special part of the podcast saw Henderson ask Jaclyn about some of her biggest achievements and awards attained throughout her career.

Speaking on the series of awards she earned for the release of her first studio album, Gemilang (2004), Jaclyn stated that she could not believe the amount of success she accrued shortly after winning the first season of Malaysian Idol in 2004.

"It took me a while to be able to swallow the fact that I won the competition, and then to win awards for the album, I was like 'Really, really? Is this happening?'. I just feel so blessed," said the artiste in the interview that was uploaded to YouTube.

Jaclyn and Henderson during the interview.

Image via ATHQ Media (YouTube)

In that same breath, Jaclyn disclosed that one of the biggest achievements throughout her career was singing for former US President, Barack Obama, at Istana Negara in 2014

Speaking on the experience, Jaclyn talked about how awesome it was to meet Obama.

"After the performance, we all have to wait outside for [Obama] to come and greet us. I was so shy — how do you ask the President of the United States for a picture? So, I said to my manager that when I shake his hand, just take a photo," Jaclyn added. 

Praising him for his respectful demeanour, Jaclyn also stated that she was touched by how earnest Obama was when watching her performance.

"I liked the fact that he was so gracious. I could actually see that he was [looking at me while I was performing]. Because you are performing — and the President of the United States is actually watching," she added.

Check out Jaclyn's official photo with Obama that she posted to her Facebook page back in 2014:

Jaclyn also revealed that after her performance at Istana Negara, Obama had invited her to sing at the White House in Washington DC

According to the artiste, she was supposed to sing alongside rhythm and blues legend, Stevie Wonder. Freaking out over the monumental and honourable request, Henderson asked Jaclyn what she did following the invite, to which Jaclyn stated that she did not end up going.

"I had signed up for a charity show for something. I mean, I can't back out of a charity show," she said.

Nevertheless, Jaclyn maintained an optimistic disposition when speaking about the situation, stating that it was still a huge moment in her life to sing for Obama during his presidential term.

Jaclyn sharing the image of herself shaking Obama's hand during the podcast.

Image via ATHQ Media (YouTube)

Throughout all her accomplishments and successes, Jaclyn Victor will always remain a musical icon for Malaysia.

Watch the full podcast episode below:

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