Netizens Offer Support To Japanese YouTubers Who Revealed They're Burnt Out In Malaysia


Cover image via iChang RM (YouTube)

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Well-loved Japanese YouTube couple, iChang and Jimmy, has just released a heartfelt video revealing that they are burnt out after moving to Malaysia

The couple, known for promoting Malaysian food and culture since they first visited and fell in love with the country in 2019, shared that it has been their goal to live in Malaysia.

In a video published on 19 June, the couple said they finally achieved their dream when their Malaysian digital nomad visa was approved this year.

During the pandemic, they missed Malaysia so much that they started making videos of themselves cooking Malaysian food in their small apartment in Hong Kong, sourcing ingredients to make banana leaf rice, beef rendang, and even Malay kuih from scratch.

Their love for Malaysian food made them famous among Malaysians.

They finally moved to Malaysia in February this year, with Jimmy quitting his job of 11 years in Hong Kong.

However, since moving here, the couple said they have gone through all the things they have been wanting to do too quickly, and are currently feeling lost

The couple has been posting videos and sharing their experiences travelling nationwide to try different foods in every state, as well as celebrating their first Hari Raya in Malaysia, which has been on their bucket list.

"We went through everything at full speed. We just went through everything that we can try. And now, for the last one month, we are feeling lost," said Jimmy candidly in the video.

"Of course, we enjoyed the experience in each place we visited. But I had the feeling that we kept doing the same things, and we were not moving forward anymore," added iChang.

The couple expressed worry that they may not be able to repeat the same process of making videos that their followers may enjoy in the long term.

iChang and Jimmy eating their homemade curry chicken on a banana leaf when they were living in Hong Kong.

Image via iChang RM (YouTube)

The couple also made kuih to give away to their Hong Kong neighbours to celebrate Ramadan in 2021.

Image via iChang RM (YouTube)

In a wholesome response, thousands of their Malaysian followers have offered support and words of encouragement to the duo

In the comments section, many have assured the content creators that they are doing a good and genuine job of showcasing the country to both new and familiar eyes.

"Hey guys, these feelings are completely valid! [Being a YouTuber] is a full-time job. So, remember to take a break, and maybe even go on a vacation together without filming!" suggested a netizen.

Image via YouTube

"I am a Malaysian who has moved away from Malaysia for many years. I love watching your videos because they remind me of the beautiful country I once called home," assured another.

Image via YouTube

Meanwhile, a fellow content creator said, "I totally understand that burnt out feeling, but trust me, what you guys are doing are helping a lot of people and I, as a Malaysian, am truly grateful for your efforts."

Image via YouTube

Watch iChang and Jimmy's heartfelt video below:

In 2020, iChang made netizens laugh for her precise cosplay of a "local Malaysian girl" going grocery shopping:

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