[VIDEO] K-Lah! What Are Your Favourite, Must-Watch Korean Variety Shows?

If you love K-variety shows as much as we do, you've confirm watched these!

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We just can't get enough of K-variety shows! We could binge-watch 'em allll daaaaay, every daaaaayyy.

We thought we could just have a casual chat about our favourite K-variety shows like Running Man, Law of the Jungle, and We Got Married, buttttt...

But in true K-variety show fashion, things are never as simple as they seem. If we said any of the secret words, our evil producer shot us with a water gun!

Watch the full video below to see who got shot the most:

We were innocently talking about some OG K-variety shows when the first shot of water GAVE US A FREAKING HEART ATTACK OMGGG

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Iylia: "So, one of the first ones I remember watching was Strong Heart, I believe? Or Star Golden Bell. OG fans would really know that."

Gowri: "Yeah, the super super old OG ones. Ashley was probably too young lah."

Ashley: "I was probably like standard 6 or something."

Iylia: "I forgot that you were a foetus."

Gowri: "Ashley's a baby."

*cue screams from the water gun attack*

Ashley basically got DRENCHED while trying to explain how watching idols on K-variety shows can make you love them more hahahahaha gg

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Ashley: "As I was saying, people always ask how can you love your idol so much, but then... When you watch them on the show, you really learn to love their personality, and you feel like, oh my God-"

Eventually, the fear of the water gun had us unable to even talk properly huhu. Now we know how people on K-variety shows feel T___T

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Iylia: "Like with a lot of shows, I don't know whether it's just cause like Koreans are like very scaredy-cat people... Is it people? HAJIMAAAAAAAAAA! Is it people?" *mental breakdown*

What are some of your favourite K-variety shows? Let us know in the comments!

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