Malaysians Want Macklemore In KL After Pro-Palestine Song Release. Here's How You Can Help

Macklemore, you're so glorious! <3

Cover image via TRT World (YouTube) & @flyfm958 (Instagram)

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Malaysians are urging US rapper Macklemore to perform in Kuala Lumpur after he released a pro-Palestine track earlier this month, criticising the US for funding Israel in the war, among other things

The movement was started by Fly FM in an Instagram post on Monday, 20 May.

"We need your help to bring Macklemore to KL! In the spirit of encouraging the need for a ceasefire in Palestine, together, let's amplify Macklemore's Hind's Hall live in Malaysia," read the caption.

The US rapper released the song Hind's Hall on 7 May.

The song title is a reference to Hamilton Hall, an academic building at Columbia University, which was occupied by student protesters in late April. The university authorities had threatened them to call off the pro-Palestine protest or face expulsion.

The hall was later dubbed Hind's Hall, in honour of a six-year-old Palestinian girl, named Hind Rajab, who is believed to have been killed by Israeli forces while seeking help from the Red Crescent Society for about three hours on 29 January.

The two paramedics sent to rescue Hind were also killed. The Israeli government denied its involvement in the killing of Hind, her five relatives, and the two paramedics in Tel al-Hawa, Gaza.

Hind's story spread worldwide after a phone recording of her final moments with her family members went viral on social media.

Macklemore delivering a free Palestine speech in Washington, DC in November last year.

Image via Daizy Gedeon (YouTube)

In the lyrics, Macklemore condemns the US's role in the war, questions the semantics used by the US when defining 'genocide', and demands freedom for Palestine

The rapper expresses his sentiments without restraint, much like many of his past songs, singing, "The blood is on your hands Biden, we can see it all. And f**k no, I'm not voting for you in the fall."

He also questions his music peers for their silence on the atrocities committed against Palestinians.

"Never be defeated when freedom's on the horizon. Yet the music industry's quiet, complicit in their platform of silence," he raps in the two-minute-and-48-second song.

Listen to the song here:

Macklemore has a long history of being outspoken on issues such as racism, white supremacy, LGBTQ rights, addiction, and veganism, not only in his music but also in his public statements

If you are interested in supporting the movement to bring the Seattle-born performer to Malaysia, Fly FM has outlined these steps for you to follow:

1.⁠ ⁠Go to Macklemore's upcoming show website here, click 'request a show' and fill in 'Malaysia'.

2.⁠ ⁠⁠Screenshot your request and post it on Instagram stories.

3.⁠ ⁠⁠Make sure to tag @macklemore and @flyfm958 with the hashtag #MacklemoreInMalaysia so we can repost it and amplify it!

If you don't mind, tell the world you discovered this movement through SAYS by tagging @saysdotcom.

Steps 1 and 2 to request Macklemore to perform in Malaysia on his website.

Image via Macklemore

Steps 3 and 4 to request Macklemore to perform in Malaysia on his website.

Image via Macklemore

Below is a clip of Macklemore delivering a Free Palestine speech during his concert in December last year:

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