Disgraced Ex-BIGBANG Member Seungri Spotted Performing At A Tan Sri's Party In Malaysia

A video shows him performing 'BANG BANG BANG' on stage.

Cover image via Instagram

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Disgraced former BIGBANG member Seungri was recently spotted in Malaysia, at the birthday party of a business tycoon with a 'Tan Sri' title

A one-minute video capturing Seungri's appearance at the party, where he is seen singing BANG BANG BANG, one of his former group's hit songs, surfaced on social media last week.

The birthday party is believed to have taken place at a local Chinese restaurant.

The video shows Seungri pulling people from the crowd up on the stage as he performs the 2016 song. Some attendees can be heard cheering during his performance.

Image via Instagram

At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 251,000 views on Instagram

Many netizens expressed disgust at the former K-pop star, accusing him of maintaining his old habits and bad behaviour.

"It's sad, some of these people attending the event don't even know what he has done," read a top comment.

"Go back to jail," wrote an Instagram user, while another added, "Why is he even out [of jail]?"

"Please ban him from entering Malaysia, the Department of Immigration. Malaysians who invited him here are embarrassing us," one netizen added.

Image via Instagram

SAYS reached out to the business tycoon's company for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

In 2021, Seungri was sentenced to jail for his role in the Burning Sun scandal in South Korea, which involved facilitating prostitution and embezzlement

He initially received a three-year jail sentence, but an appeal court reduced the jail term to 18 months. He completed serving his time in May 2022.

Following his release, media outlets reported that he was spotted out and about in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia.

In January this year, Seungri was embroiled in another controversy for saying he would bring former groupmate G-Dragon to Cambodia, reported allkpop.

Many netizens criticised him for making such a statement, contending that G-Dragon would never associate himself with the disgraced star.

The video of Seungri performing at the birthday party can be found below:

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