Michelle Yeoh Opens Up About Her Divorce & What Led Up To It

She recently spoke on a podcast with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Cover image via The goop Podcast (YouTube)

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Michelle Yeoh recently opened up about her divorce with her ex-husband and the reasons that led up to it

On The goop Podcast with Gwyneth Paltrow, Yeoh explained that her past marriage didn't work out primarily because she couldn't have children, and her ex-husband, Dickson Poon, desired a large family.

Yeoh shared that they did "whatever was necessary", but she was physically unable to conceive. Their busy schedules and prolonged periods of separation for work also contributed to the decision to end their four-year marriage.

"With our work, we're always travelling. If you're filming outside the country, maybe we'll not see each other for a couple of months. When both parties (are working), it's hard to find that balance," she said.

Yeoh, who previously got married at 28, shared that it was her mum's biggest wish for her to settle down

"I think a lot of the times, her generation of mothers have that wish for their daughters; to find a good man, to be able to settle down, and be well taken care of," she explained.

During the interview, when Paltrow inquired about Yeoh's feelings regarding her inability to have children, Yeoh responded that it was a source of sadness for her, and that sentiment still lingers.

Despite giving their best efforts, the journey was challenging. In hindsight, Yeoh admitted that getting a divorce was the smart thing to do and that she was able to step away instead of clinging to an illusion that things would work out.

Yeoh revealed that she and her ex-husband are now good friends, and she has taken on the role of being the godmother to his eldest child. 

The award-winning actress is now happily married to longtime partner, Jean Todt

The couple tied the knot in Geneva, Switzerland, after being together for over 19 years.

Yeoh is also a godmother to six children, and a recent grandmother after Todt's son, Nicolas, welcomed his first baby.

You can watch the full interview below:

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