Malaysians Are Losing It Over A New Movie Trailer Where Minions Are Speaking BM

Did Bob have a nightmare over 'nasi goreng kicap manis'? <3

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After surprising Malaysians in 2015 when a Minion said "terima kasih" to Queen Elizabeth, the yellow henchmen have caught our attention again over the weekend in a new trailer of their upcoming movie

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This time, the usual suspect, Bob, uses Bahasa Malaysia while telling Gru he just had a nightmare and asks if it's okay to sleep with him

Speaking in gibberish, or what fans have dubbed the banana language, Malaysians were able to make out that nasi goreng kicap manis is said in the latest trailer for Minions: Rise of the Gru.

It is through the response from Gru — the protagonist in the Despicable Me franchise — we learn that Bob was having a hard time sleeping.

"Did Bob just ask for 'Nasi Goreng Kicap Manis'?" TGV Cinemas wrote in the caption of the trailer, while GSC mentioned that Bob says 'terima kasih' too.

Nasi goreng is 'fried rice' in Bahasa Malaysia, while kicap manis refers to a sweet soy sauce.

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Malaysians were having a field day in the comments section after discovering the yellow creature pays homage to one of Southeast Asia's most beloved dishes

Some netizens teased Bob for having a nightmare over nasi goreng.

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Others added that what Bob says before nasi goreng kicap manis seems to sound like Chinese for the words 'did not take' or 'no more'.

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Meanwhile, some netizens jokingly said that the new trailer will invite Indonesians to claim that the word nasi goreng is theirs.

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In response to that, one netizen pointed out that the director of the Despicable Me franchise and Minions voice actor, Pierre Coffin, is actually half French, half Indonesian.

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It is true. According to The Jakarta Post, Coffin is the son of Indonesian novelist Nurhayati Sriharini Siti Nukatin, or better known by her pen name NH Dini.

Nurhayati married French diplomat Yves Coffin, and together they had Pierre before separating in 1984.

Watch the trailer here:

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