Malaysians Are Horrified By Local Horror Movie's Bikini And Kissing Trailer Scenes

The movie features many local personalities, including Alif Satar, Sanjna Suri, Amelia Henderson, and Ms Puiyi.

Cover image via WebTVAsia (YouTube)

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The release of a trailer for a new Malaysian-made horror movie, Pulau, has stirred up a discussion on social media for its supposedly racy content

The supernatural thriller, produced by local studios My Way Pictures and Filmforce Studios, is set to hit cinemas nationwide on 9 March.

The movie features a cast of many local personalities, including singer Alif Satar, actor Harris Annuar, beauty queen Sanjna Suri, model and actress Amelia Henderson, and social media influencer and DJ, Siew Pui Yi, popularly known as Ms Puiyi.

The 'Pulau' cast at a press conference in Sungei Wang Plaza on 12 January.

Image via @pulaumovie (Twitter)

However, after the release of its official trailer on YouTube channel WebTVAsia this week, many Malaysians said the movie contained too much "nudity" and was close to "soft porn".

"This is too much. This movie is not public-friendly, not culture-friendly, and should not even exist. They could have made a great movie without inserting soft porn or elements of porn. The moment you decided to use these elements to make a movie interesting, you, producers, are weak," said a Twitter user.

Image via Twitter

Another said, "Crazy. Malaysia is on its way to normalising half-naked bodies. Is this soft porn? Ya Allah, I'm scared to look at this."

Image via Twitter

A netizen also claimed, "Allahu Akhbar! I hope the government will take action against the film industry. I wouldn't be surprised if there were suddenly more children born out of wedlock and baby dumping gets considered normal in Malaysia."

Image via YouTube

Malaysia Consultative Council of Islamic Organisation (MAPIM) president Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid has also urged the national Film Censorship Board (LPF) to review the approval of the film

According to Berita Harian, he said the film's trailer contained too many obscene scenes.

"The movie trailer clearly shows many indecencies, thus it is not suitable for public viewing," he said in a statement on Tuesday, 17 January.

He went on to question how the movie was approved for screening in the first place.

"We object to the content that displays elements of extreme obscenity, as it contradicts one of our Rukun Negara - good behaviour and morality."

Malaysia Consultative Council of Islamic Organisation (MAPIM) president Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid.

Image via New Straits Times

Despite the criticism, a fair share of netizens have come to the movie's defence

"We complain that Malaysian movies and arts cannot grow, but look at the number of people calling for censorship. When really it's just kissing and bikinis, which we've all seen in international movies. If you don't like it, don't watch it," said a Twitter user.

Image via Twitter

"I don't think you all get the concept of soft porn. Wearing a bikini isn't soft porn. It's no porn. It's just a bikini. Glorify topless guys baring guns and abs, but shame women in bikinis? It's 2023, we need a course-correct," said another.

Image via Twitter

A netizen said, "This is funny because people who are busy asking for the ban are also the ones watching Netflix shows that have naked scenes. The ones in bikinis [in Pulau] are not Muslim. And after that, they also complain that the industry is not advancing."

"If you don't like it, don't watch. Simple. And they were okay with Ombak Rindu having a rape scene and she married her rapist."

Image via Twitter

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