Popular Local Actress From The 90s Makes A Comeback In This Touching Chinese Movie

The movie revolves around a son completing a recipe his late father left behind, which unexpectedly brings him closer to his mother and sister, whom he has had a strained relationship with.

Cover image via Angela 陈美娥 (Facebook)

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Looking for a heartwarming movie to watch with your fam bam during CNY? Check out My Dream My Wish, a touching tale that will tug at your heartstrings! <3

Watch the teaser trailer below:

Jobless during the pandemic, young graduate Chang Yong and his friends end up accidentally burning an altar while setting off fireworks. Amidst his mother's scolding and sister's teasing, Chang Yong struggles to find a solution, only to have his late father appear in his dream.

His father promises to teach him how to make a fortune, but on the condition that he fulfils his wish of completing an unfinished bun recipe he left behind. As Chang Yong tries his best to bake good buns, he unexpectedly becomes closer to his mother and sister, whom he has had a strained relationship with.

Along the way, under the guidance of his father's spirit, Chang Yong also learns how to become a responsible and humble person.

Starring in My Dream My Wish is 'Malaysia's Sweetheart' Angela Chan, making her comeback to acting by playing a tiger mum in the upcoming movie

Angela Chan (middle) with Cai Chang Yong (left) and Khai Sin (right), who are playing her son and daughter in 'My Dream My Wish'.

Image via Angela 陈美娥 (Facebook)

Born in Ipoh, Perak as Chan Mei Ngor, the actress is most known for her roles in popular 90s Chinese dramas such as Torn Between Two Lovers, Lady Of The Land, All In The Family, Sleeping With Enemy, and Big House.

After stepping away from the spotlight in 1998 to rest and focus on her family, Angela later returned to showbiz in the 2000s, starring in shows like Legacy Of Time and Ice Kacang Puppy Love.

No doubt she will play her role as a tiger mum in My Dream My Wish excellently.

Meanwhile, playing the lead role of Chang Yong is a popular Malaysian YouTuber and content creator of the same name

Unlike his movie counterpart, YouTuber Cai Chang Yong certainly isn't jobless. With more than 900,000 subscribers, his channel is a popular one, consisting of various video content such as vlogs, skits, challenges, reactions, and more.

His role in My Dream My Wish will mark his acting debut! Also making their debuts alongside him are other rising young stars Shu Sen, Khai Sin, Kryston, and Madison.

At the helm of the movie is multiple award-nominated director Tan Seng Kiat, who previously directed the award-winning Shuttle Life

Image via IMDb

Starring Jack Tan, Sylvia Chang, and Angel Chan, Shuttle Life depicted a poor family's struggles to cope with tragedy and mental illness in a fractured society.

With Tan Seng Kiat directing My Dream My Wish, you can definitely look forward to another poignant and heartwarming tale! Perhaps it'll even pick up some awards too?

You can watch My Dream My Wish on tonton CINEMA for only RM 12.90!

Simply log on to the tonton CINEMA website or download the tonton CINEMA app from your favourite app store to enjoy the movie with your family this CNY.

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