Exclusive Promos, Bubblegum Slurpee & Other Exciting Things To Look Forward To At 7-Eleven

With weekly deals and promos, your favourite place to go for Malaysian snacks has got lots to offer. :D

Cover image via @7elevenmalaysia (Instagram) & Duy Nguyen (Unsplash)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by 7-Eleven.

Anytime we ever need to grab a quick snack or drink, there's always a 7-Eleven 'round the corner that's got our backs

From their super friendly service to their never-ending promos, the convenience store is always coming up with new ways to give customers the best experience.

Here are some of the exciting things you can look forward to:

1. Enjoy all kinds of promos that add so much bang for your buck

Psst, did you know that 7-Eleven offers deals every Wednesdays? Known as Crazy Wednesday, you can get your hands on your fave snacks, drinks, and even essentials for just RM1 to RM3, wahh. 

Check out other promos offered by 7-Eleven such as Jom PWP, Bread Combo, RM5 Combo, and their monthly thematic deals.

2. If you love Slurpee, watch out for the all-new Bubblegum flavour!

On super hot days, an icy cup of Slurpee is always welcome, and that includes Slurpee Bubblegum, mmm.

Pssst, here's a tip: head over to 7-Eleven on Wednesdays, so you can enjoy this yummy flavoured Slurpee for just RM1. You can thank us later. ;)

3. Get even more rewards by becoming a My7E member for free

Yeap, the convenience store has an app now guys! Once you've downloaded the My7E app from either the App Store or Google Play, not only will you be able to claim a Welcome Reward, Member Exclusive Rewards and even a Birthday Reward, you'll be notified of any upcoming rewards, deals, promotions, and contests to partake in.

4. Forgot your wallet? Use ShopeePay or TnG eWallet lah!

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to go cashless in 2022, 7-Eleven now makes it much easier for you to carry out contactless payments at their outlets. Just remember to activate your ShopeePay beforehand, and to download the TnG eWallet app on your smartphone!

5. Keep an eye out for new and exclusive items only available at 7-Eleven

Looking for beauty items for your daily skincare routine? You'll have a wide range of choices with UK-brand Boots! From their Vitamin C range, sheet masks, sunscreen, to their refreshing Cucumber series, you can get your preferred Boots product from any 7-Eleven, yayy!

Aside from skincare, 7-Eleven also features exclusive items for food and beverages. For instance, there's the all-new Ribena Jelly Drink that just hit the convenience store's shelves for you to try!

You can even get Hershey Pearls Dark Chocolate, Hershey Pearls Extra Creamy Milk, Crispy Yakitori BBQ, and Crispy Sweet & Spicy Gochujang! Check out 7-Eleven's Facebook Page to keep yourself updated about their monthly arrivals.

6. Stock up on daily essentials and necessities, like self-test kits

True to their slogan, 'Always There For You', you can count on 7-Eleven to offer everyday items such as bread, drinks, and hot food for your convenience. Plus, there's even the COVID-19 self-test kits available at your nearest 7-Eleven store!

7. Expect nothing but good vibes when interacting with 7-Eleven's friendly and welcoming employees :D

From the moment you enter the store, you can look forward to a warm and friendly experience at 7-Eleven outlets, including their upcoming ones coming to you soon. In fact, they've just opened up two new stores in Sri Hartamas and Tun H.S Lee! 

Don't forget to check out the Instagrammable spots at 7-Eleven outlets, such as their colourful murals that make for a pretty eye-catching background. :D

Are you ready to enjoy all these ongoing deals and upcoming happenings? Head over to your nearest 7-Eleven today!

For more updates, visit 7-Eleven's website or follow them on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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