Can You Survive Without Your Phone For An Hour? Try This Challenge To Win Vouchers & More

You can also get your family and friends to join the challenge to make it more competitive. ;)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Pepsi. 

How many of us are guilty of using our phones or gadgets during mealtimes?

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Most of us tend to take a peek at our gadgets at least once during mealtimes, amirite? And for some of us, we probably do this on a daily basis, whether it's eating alone or together with the family.

As such, we end up not socialising with one another, which is often deemed rude in many households. Looking at our phone also causes us to be less present and miss out on opportunities to bond with one another. In fact, studies have also revealed that using your device while eating is a form of distraction, resulting in a less enjoyable mealtime. :O

That's why Pepsi is launching their Pepsi Blackout Hour Challenge, so you can put that gadget down during mealtimes and bond with your family and friends :D

Wanting to raise awareness on the importance of spending quality time with family and friends, the Pepsi Blackout Hour Challenge encourages you to put away those gadgets for an hour during mealtimes.

The great thing about this challenge is that your family and friends get to join the fun and be competitive with each other as well, ultimately allowing for a good bonding sesh.

It's simple, really. All you need to do is to focus on the fizz, feast, and companionship for an hour with your phone set aside. The person who ends up touching their phone will be disqualified! ;P

Another cool thing about the Pepsi Blackout Hour Challenge is that you'll get to win a RM20 GrabFood voucher when you successfully complete the challenge!

All you have to do is pair your meals with Pepsi during the challenge. This way, you're not only having fun with your loved ones, but also adding the iconic Pepsi fizz to your feast! :D

Here's how you can stand to win the vouchers:

STEP 1: Buy the limited edition Pepsi Black "Taste of Malaysia" pack

STEP 2: Scan the QR code on the pack

STEP 3: Follow the microsite instructions, which includes putting aside your phone for an hour. P.S. for the best experience, put your phone on silent mode.

STEP 4: Enjoy your meals and stand to win a RM20 GrabFood voucher!

Dining out with the family? Pepsi has also partnered with F&B outlets to bring the Pepsi Blackout Hour Challenge in stores as well, woohoo!

The best part? Many more awesome prizes are up for grabs!

To be fully immersed into the experience, while also spending quality time with the family, you can head over to participating F&B outlets to participate in the challenge. You'll also stand a chance to win additional prizes, which includes exciting Pepsi merchandise! 

To find out more about the participating F&B outlets, you can head over to Pepsi's Facebook page. 

So, whatchu waiting for? Get the latest updates on the Pepsi Blackout Hour Challenge by heading over to Pepsi's official Facebook and Instagram pages today!

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