28 Times We Totally Fell For Park Bo Gum In 'Love In The Moonlight'

He's seriously bae AF!

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In case you've been living under a rock and have never heard of 'Love In The Moonlight' before, allow us to enlighten you

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This latest edition to the ever-growing list of crazy popular K-drama's tells the tale of young crown prince Lee Yeong. Set in the Joseon Dynasty, it chronicles his journey from a cheeky idealistic prince to one of the greatest and most influential kings in Korean history as well as his relationship with a female author turned undercover male eunuch Hong Ra-On.

The drama's popularity has caused Park Bo Gum (the actor who plays Lee Yeong) to be thrust into full-on stardom, gaining a mass fan following of his own.

And after we checked out 'Love In The Moonlight' for ourselves, we can totally see why:

1. He won us over from the very start by dancing like this in the drama teaser...


2. ...and then KILLED us with this smile + wink combo at the end


3. Look at us forever please *dreamy sigh*

Image via forums.soompi

4. Stare into our soul

Image via Drama Troll

5. He's utterly adorable...

That "yes dear?" face, GAAAHH!

6. ...and also full of #SWAG

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7. He's a total mischevious little prankster

We wouldn't even be mad TBH.

8. We completely melted at his cute chuckles

Image via Drama Troll

9. He likes a girl who can eat well which means he'll LOVE us Malaysians hehe :P

10. He's a total gentleman...

11. ...who knows how to sweep a girl off her feet, literally

12. And get her heart racing wheewww! *fans self*

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13. He likes books. We like books. Soulmates confirmed.

Image via prkbgm (Tumblr)

14. Sorrrryyy, we can't help it

Image via l-tm (Tumblr)
Image via l-tm (Tumblr)

15. Even when he's annoyed, he's adorable <3

16. He takes the cutest selfies with his costars, OMG!

Image via prkbgm (Tumblr)
Image via prkbgm (Tumblr)
Image via K-pop, K-Fans
Image via prkbgm (Tumblr)

We can only hope and wish that we'll be lucky enough to take one with him someday.

17. Guys, pay attention. This is a confession done right. #gametoostrong


Image via Giphy

Be still our beating hearts!

20. We feel totally safe knowing that he's got our backs no matter what

21. Because his fighting skills are 100% #onpoint

22. He’s the kind of teacher you’d want to study for

23. Oops, we "fell" for him ;P

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24. We’ll be his personal pillow anytime he wants

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25. And dance all night, alone, if that's what it takes for him to notice us

Image via K-Drama Amino


26. How could you NOT love this human puppy?

27. Seriously, HOWWWWW?!

^ You see, he really is a human puppy!

28. Don't even bother trying to save us Bo Gum, it's too late. Just leave us here to drown in our love for you.

BRB running to Korea now!

'I've been summoned by a crown prince' is a legit reason to apply for leave right?

'Love In The Moonlight' may have ended its official run on TV but you can watch it whenever you want on tonton! :D

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