Spider-Man Is Leaving The MCU. Here's How Fans Reacted In 20 Emotional & Hilarious Tweets


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Well. It looks like Spider-Man may be exiting the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) for real this time.

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Deadline reported that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will no longer produce any future Spider-Man films after Disney (who owns Marvel Studios) and Sony Pictures (who controls Spider-Man's movie rights) failed to reach a financial agreement to continue their collaboration. 

According to the report, Disney had proposed splitting future Spider-Man movies in a 50/50 co-financing agreement, which would also mean a 50/50 split in profits

However, Sony turned down the offer, which led to Disney removing Feige and Marvel Studios as producers of Sony's future Spider-Man films, essentially Thanos-snapping the iconic superhero's franchise out of the MCU

In a statement, Sony Pictures said that they are "disappointed" with the turn of events, but that they "respect Disney’s decision not to have him continue as a lead producer of our next live action Spider-Man film."

In addition to two more Spider-Man movies in development, Sony is also spearheading several spin-offs from the Spider-Man franchise, including a sequel for Tom Hardy's Venom with Andy Serkis on the helm, Morbius with Jared Leto, as well as Silver Sable and Black Cat spin-off. 

The news came as a shock to fans, who wasted no time in taking to social media to express their devastation

Some are now worried for Tom Holland's future as Spider-Man...

Tony Stark did not die for this

STAN LEE did not die for this

Even Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye in the MCU, chimed in: 

Some fans are coping in the only way they know how - with memes and headcanons

In short, Spider-Man deserves better. #SaveSpiderMan

How do you think the MCU and the Spider-Man franchise will move forward without each other from now on? Let us know how you feel in the comments section.

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