Check Out These Memes Malaysians Came Up With To Defend Our Country From The Predators

Scared what? We got Mat Sabu.

'The Predator' has officially arrived on Malaysian shores, and you can watch it now at cinemas nationwide

As you may be able to tell, the Predators from this movie look a whole lot scarier and dangerous. That's because they've upgraded themselves with DNA from other species, making them stronger and even more lethal.

It is up to a team of former soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher to save the world. But with just regular weapons, will they be able to stand up against the powerful hunters?

Take a closer look at the new super Predator that the humans will have to take down

It's plain terrifying, and definitely not for the faint of heart. Just imagine all the blood that will splatter when the poor Asian dude hits the floor.

In light of the situation, we asked Malaysians how they would protect our country from these creatures, and their ideas were hilarious:

1. Of course, we have Defense Minister Mat Sabu to hold the fort

Image via SAYS

2. But if that doesn't scare them away, we've got someone else who will make every Predator cower

Image via Sanjiyan Unkara

3. If any Predators slip through our defenses, every Malaysian has a common weapon that can take them out

Image via Mohd Wasim

4. And if they try to attack our post offices, we've got the world's most potent stamp to ward them off

Image via Cherui Chew

5. If all else fails, we have our Raja Bomoh will jampi the Predators

Image via Alan Chee

6. But let's be real, would the Predators even be able to find Malaysia in all the haze?

Image via SAYS

7. And if they could, the Predators would stand no chance if Malaysians came united as one

8. But what if the only reason they came to Malaysia was to actually attend a friend's wedding...

Image via Akash Saravanan

All in all, if you love bloody, action-packed fights with scary creatures, you need to go check out 'The Predator', in cinemas from 13 September onwards

Image via IMDb

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