12 Times Kevin Hart 'Kena Buli' By The Rock & His Famous BFFs In Front Of The Entire World

Are you even best friends if you don't insult each other 24/7? :p

Cover image via Instagram @therock

He may be a big movie star and selling out arenas, but no celebrity in Hollywood gets roasted by their famous BFFs as much as Kevin Hart does

This is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson rubbing it in Kevin Hart's face that people love him more... and that's just the tip of their friendly "rivalry". 

Just look at some of the savage burns the pint-sized comedian's famous BFFs have hilariously posted on social media for the whole world to see:

1. When Kevin Hart got drunk and tried to crash a party, so The Rock sent him to bed

3. When The Rock couldn't resist poking fun at Kevin Hart's height

4. When The Rock knew exactly who (or what) Kevin Hart was spying on...

5. I dunno about y'all, but I'd pay good $$$ to watch Kevin Hart whoop Justin Bieber's butt

6. When Kevin Hart threw a not-so-perfect pitch and rapper-slash-actor Ice Cube turned up the heat

7. When Nick Cannon (a.k.a. Mariah Carey's ex-husband) felt zero boujee vibes from Kevin's pink Gucci hoodie

8. Ok but seriously that's one fugly sweater and I totally agree with former 'White Chick' Marlon Wayans?!

9. When Nick Cannon and The Rock teamed up to poke fun at Kevin Hart's summer look

10. Then all three of them ganged up on Kevin Hart...

11. ... Even when they're congratulating him on his new show

12. On rare occasions, however, The Rock does show a little bit of kindness and respect - juuust a little bit - for the firecracker that is Kevin Hart. :p

For context, Kevin Hart made history on 27 September when he performed for 18,900 people at NYC's Madison Square Garden, making it the largest crowd the building has ever seen for a comedy show

Catch Kevin Hart live when he brings his Irresponsible Tour to Malaysia on 15 December! Tickets can be purchased here and more info on the show:

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