[VIDEO] Did You Spot These "K-Pop Stars" Walking Around KLCC?

They even had bodyguards with them!

Cover image via SAYS

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If you were in KLCC on 23 July 2019, you may have noticed four girls who look like they could be K-pop idols walking around

All decked out in sunglasses, caps, and masks, the girls were spotted walking around both Suria KLCC and the KLCC park area. They even had bodyguards with them, to keep the crowd following them around under control!

Despite one of the bodyguards' warnings to not record, many people still whipped out their phones to capture the girls on camera.

Check out the compilation video below to see what went down:

As you can see from the video, the girls happily greeted the crowd by waving, flashing hearts, and even taking photos with them

While some thought that the girls looked like K-pop idols, many remained skeptical and unsure of their identities. But one thing's for sure, their appearance definitely had everyone super curious, wondering who the girls are and what they're here for.

Interestingly enough, the girls were seen entering into a branded vehicle once they left the mall

Hmmm, we wonder what's going on...

We're sure more updates and details are coming soon, so keep an eye out K-pop fans!

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Image via SAYS

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