[VIDEOS] 8 Times Toy Story Punched Us Right In The Feels

Admit it, no matter how many times you see the movies, you still cry each. And. Every. Time.

Cover image via Disney/Pixar

You've probably heard by now that Toy Story 4 is heading to the big screens in 2017. That's right, Woody, Buzz, and the gang are coming back with a brand-new adventure!

Most of you who have seen any of the Toy Story movies will remember crying our eyes out (or at least shed a tear or two) no matter how many times we've seen them.

As of yet, science has not been able to pinpoint exactly how a series intended for children ended up having the power to make grown men bawl, or how a story about the real life of toys turned out to be so tear-jerkingly, traumatically wonderful. For now, we just know that we’ll never be able to look at our childhood toys the same way ever again (hands up if you also started being nicer to them after you watched Toy Story).


So, to celebrate the special occasion of us finally getting another Toy Story feature, here's a recap of eight right-in-the-feels Toy Story moments we will never forget:

1. When Buzz Lightyear realised he was just a toy that couldn't really fly and that his whole life has been a lie...

The music. His face when he sees the “Made in Taiwan” stamp inside his suit. His sigh of defeat when he lands. The panning out of the camera on his broken little body lying on the floor. This is the exact moment Buzz realises that his dream is over and that his whole life has been a lie. On its own, the scene already had you weeping buckets but Randy Newman singing “Clearly I will go sailing no more” in the background definitely didn’t help matters at all.


2. ... and then we shed tears of joy when Buzz could finally fly! Okay, fine, he is actually "falling with style", but who cares about flight mechanics when Woody and Buzz are so happy and proud about it?

Image via Disney/Pixar

3. When Jessie's heartbreaking story of being forgotten and abandoned by a girl was revealed.

Image via sheknows.com

We meet Jessie, a cowgirl toy created in conjunction with the Woody doll, who tries to convince Woody he doesn't need Andy. Finally, a flashback explains all of the hurt she's been hiding. A flashback to the tune of Sarah McLachlan's heartbreaking ballad "When She Loved Me," no less. And, just as those SPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" streaming in the background do, the combo of the singer's heartrending voice and Jessie's story of being abandoned by her girl reduce us to mush. Why? Why would someone do that to Jessie?


4. When Woody had to choose between a new and exciting life with Bullseye, Jesse and Stinky Pete or going home to Andy with Buzz and the gang.

5. When Lotso, Chuckles and Big Baby, who were abandoned at the side of the road, refused to give up on their owner... only to find out that they had been replaced when they finally got back "home".

6. When the gang is struggling to escape the incinerator only to realise that there is no escape. Accepting their fate, they join hands so they can die together.

7. The moment of reluctance when Andy held on to Woody before deciding to hand it over to little Bonnie...

Image via sheknows.com

When Andy is preparing to head off to college in this last installment, we're happy to learn he's taking Woody with him. Then, in a last-minute twist, Woody sticks the address of little Bonnie on the box of toys to be donated... and he jumps in with his friends. When Bonnie discovers Woody in the box, Andy reluctantly — and only after giving a heartrending speech about their friendship — passed the toy on to her.


8. ...and just when you thought you've run out of tears to shed, you find yourself choking it back again as the gang watches Andy drive away from the porch, with Woody saying, "So long, partner." #AllTheFeels

Toy Story 4 will only be out in 2017, so that's three more years we have to wait. In the meantime, check out the latest movie news and trailers on SAYS: