1 Utama Has Hilarious Response To MGAG Roasting Them About Their Parking System

The shopping mall is also offering free ONECARDs to the public!

Cover image via @mgagmy (Instagram) & @1utama (Instagram)

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MGAG recently posted a meme about different malls in KL using Touch 'n Go as their parking payment system, and 1 Utama Shopping Centre was the only one left out

If you don't already know, instead of Touch 'n Go, 1 Utama uses conventional cash or their own parking payment card known as ONECARD, which also lets you collect points while you shop.

A TikTok video of a customer receiving a heap of loose coins in change after paying for his parking in 1 Utama went viral, which led to MGAG's roast towards 1 Utama (as a joke, of course).

Shortly after, 1 Utama gave the best response to MGAG

"We had a good laugh over MGAG's petition suggestion to get our mall to implement TnG; we really enjoyed responding with our own meme as it's all in good fun," a 1 Utama spokesperson shared with SAYS today, 28 June.

They added: "We do not believe in monopolies and would like to keep our parking rates affordable and free of surcharges for our shoppers. By using ONECARD, our shoppers get to earn UPoints while they shop here and these points can be converted into parking credits. Currently, our parking is only RM1 for the first four hours so we'll like to continue this service to benefit our shoppers. With the convenience of tech, you just need to tap with your ONECARD to enter our car park or use our 1PAY E-wallet to make payment on our mobile app."

Taking it a step further, 1 Utama has since decided to give out free ONECARDs to the public

"Encouraged by the positive responses and love we've gotten from this viral meme, we spontaneously decided to give away free ONECARD applications to the public until 30 June, so that more can enjoy our parking privileges," the spokesperson stated.

The mall mentioned that all you need to do is 'like' and flash your social media posting at the Concierge or Customer Service Centres to get an instant ONECARD for yourself!

The little 'squabble' has left netizens in stitches, as some sided with 1 Utama's ONECARD parking system

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Issokay MGAG, we still lub you. <3

SAYS has reached out to Touch 'n Go and will update this article accordingly if there is a response.

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