20 Memories You'll Never Forget As A Chinese School Student

Basketball > other sports.

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1. Everyone expects you to be darn good at math

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That's a lie. Some of us suck at it, like yours truly. :(

2. Basketball is everything

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If you played on the school team, you were the people's champion, a legend.

3. You hated Parents' Day with a burning passion

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'You know, your son only got 5 A's this time. Need to improve ah!'

4. The load of your homework could bury a person alive

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Nothing much, just homework for a day.

5. It made sense since you brought A LOT of books to school...

6. ... which explains why your bag was the size of a freaking luggage bag

7. You moved around with your friends in a bee line

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What is this? A military troop? Oh, it's just a bunch of kids going to the computer lab.

8. You had to ask/beg/plead family members to donate to the annual donation drive

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Remember how the teacher would announce who helped the school acquired the most donations? Like, it was a serious competition alright and you don't want to lose cos you're too kiasu.

9. But it was all worth it because you got to reap what you sow during Children's Day

Was your Children's Day as cool as this?

10. Hanyu Pinyin is something you dealt with EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

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Pronunciation​ is everything in the Chinese language.

11. You had to memorise idioms and essays

Tell me, how in the world do you memorise a 300-word essay in one day?

12. Contrary to popular belief, you had a "life" outside of school

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Tuitions, music and arithmetic classes are considered activities outside of school right...?

13. Calligraphy was a messy affair

Writing with the brush while trying not to shiver is virtually impossible.

14. If you were too noisy in class, your name will be written on the blackboard

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For the teacher's 'reference'...

15. Teachers be like - RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!

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'Everyone keep quiet!'

16. You wrote everything in square boxes

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17. You listened to Chinese pop songs rather than Western songs

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Remember Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Fish Leong, F4 and 5566? Don't cringe, you used to love them. ;)

18. Class monitors were required to do anything and everything

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Carry books for teachers, wipe the blackboard, takes attendance and the list goes on and on...

19. For some of us, we had to wake up early on Saturdays

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Because studying 5 days a week is not enough right? RIGHT?!

20. Well, no matter how tough it was studying in a Chinese school. You did make some pretty awesome friends!

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Did you go to a Chinese school growing up? Share your most memorable experiences with us below!

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