33 Things You Did In Primary & Secondary School When You Had A Crush On Someone

Are you still friends with your primary and secondary school crush? ;p

Cover image via Well Uniform (Facebook) & Waku Waku

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1. Walking home with them

2. Waiting for their clingy best friends to leave so that you get a chance to approach them

Image via SAYS

Their best friends always got in our way!

3. What is flirting? The only flirting skill we have is to tease them.

Teasing them whenever we had the chance was a must.

4. Stepping on their shoes is definitely one of our antics

5. Leaving gifts under their desks

It can be as simple as their favourite snacks. 

6. Changing seats to share a textbook with them when they forget to bring theirs

Image via Netflix

7. Calling them to ask about homework

This was a convenient excuse — and it worked every time. ;)

8. Being known among cliques as 'close friends' but always embarrassed to admit anything more than that

The rumours: "Why are they so close one? They are surely dating."
Us: "I wish the rumours were true. ;'("

9. Adding their number into one of the five numbers in your 'Friends And Family' plan

Image via TextMagic

Digi and Hotlink used to have 'Friends And Family' plans. We added their numbers into the plan so that we could enjoy a cheaper SMS rate every time we texted them.

10. Joining the same club as them

Image via Scouts

We'd do anything to get closer to them.

11. Playing the same online game just to spend more time with them

Image via SAYS

MapleStory, O2Jam, Ragnarok Online... You name it. 

12. February is all about Valentine's Day

Image via Waku Waku

Everybody was nervous as Valentine's Day got closer.

We got six years to try in primary school and another five years in secondary school. Somehow, many of us did nothing every year.

13. Thinking of a way to prank them on April Fool's Day

14. Pulling at least one 'chewing gum grasshopper' prank on them

Image via Amazon

Or the chewing gum prank toy that electrocutes anyone who touches the wrapping of the gum. They were the best!

15. Getting very happy when you finally get the chance to write in their biodata book

Image via Contoh Kono

Our heart was filled with endless joy when we saw them name us as their 'best friend'.

16. Challenging them to an arm-wrestling match because you get the chance to hold their hands

Image via Femuscleblog

It was a cheap trick, but we are sure you did it too!

17. Remembering their birthdays better than you remember your own siblings' birthdays

18. Studying hard because you don't want to be left too far behind

Image via Variety

It was also because you could enroll in the same stream with them in Form 4.

19. Getting extremely worried that we won't be in the same class with them next year

20. 'Meeting the parents' on parent-teacher days

21. Getting overly excited when you are invited to their houses — even though it is in a group

Image via ILTC Malaysia

Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, and other festivities were the best chance to visit their houses.

22. Constantly worrying about where or what they will be studying after high school

23. Walking to the science lab or Kemahiran Hidup class together

Image via Reach the World

24. Buying extra food during recess to share it with them later in class

25. Always looking for them during perhimpunan to see whether they came to school or not

Image via The Mole

26. Wanting to be in the same assignment group with them

Random group assignments in Pendidikan Moral, Pendidikan Seni, and Kemahiran Hidup classes were the best!

27. Lending them our favourite books or comics, or vice versa

"Please like what we like too."

28. Listening to the songs by their favourite artistes

Image via kknews

Getting into their taste was one of many ways to get into their hearts.

29. Love to see them in different school outfits

Be it baju Pendidikan Jasmani (PJ), club uniform, or switching from pinafore to baju kurung uniform... any change was welcome.

As for the girls, we loved it when boys changed into their Taekwondo, basketball, football, or other sports attire.

30. Asking the whole class out but actually we only wanted to spend some alone time with them

Usual hangout spots for many of us living in a city were McDonald's or nearby shopping malls.

31. Never forgetting the day we first touched their hands when they borrowed or returned our stationery or books

Unexpected skinship in the school could make our day!

32. Convincing parents to enroll us into the tuition class they are in so that we can spend more time with them

Image via Twins Education

We were on cloud nine whenever we got to sit close to them in tuition classes.

33. Missing them a lot during the year-end school holiday

Then, repeat the whole cycle from #1 to #33 next year.

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