78-Year-Old Grandma Stuns The Internet By Embracing Fitness Regime After Overcoming Cancer

Bai was compelled to re-evaluate her lifestyle choices after undergoing three surgeries.

Cover image via South China Morning Post

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Meet Bai Jinqin, a spirited 78-year-old who has taken the Internet by storm with her incredible fitness journey

Hailing from the Tianjin municipality in northeastern China, Bai's remarkable journey has not only made her a national inspiration, but also earned her the title of 'most beautiful yoga grandma in China'

According to South China Morning Post, Bai gained immense popularity after a video of her effortlessly performing challenging exercises, like resistance training and weightlifting, went viral.

What truly captivated netizens was the sight of her performing these strenuous activities with a full head of white hair, which not only challenged age-related stereotypes but also inspired many.

Bai said that she started her fitness journey at the age of 60 after enduring a series of debilitating health challenges, including a battle with cancer

Bai's job and lifestyle primarily involved prolonged periods of sitting and late-night commitments which eventually led her to suffer from several health issues, reported South China Morning Post.

She also had to undergo three surgeries which compelled her to re-evaluate her lifestyle choice. Hence, Bai decided to invest in a gym membership for a transformative journey toward better health and well-being.

Recognising the potential risks of commencing with an intense regimen, Bai initiated her fitness journey with gentle activities

She started with activities like brisk walking, rope-skipping, and basic callisthenics, a form of exercise which is known to be gentle on joints and muscles.

As time progressed, Bai said that she gradually transitioned to more intense workouts as soon as she realised that her body could withstand such workouts.

"At the very beginning, my physical ability was poor and I didn’t know anything about workouts. But I strongly believe that what's most important is to keep trying," the English daily quoted her as saying.

Bai now consistently pushes her limits by engaging in a diverse range of exercises like yoga, pilates, battling ropes, and core training.

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