8 Heng Dai Games That Are Popular For All The Wrong Reasons

To think innocent children, uncle and aunties have to sit through the slideshow at the wedding dinner! Not very appetising, right?

Chinese wedding door games or 'heng dai' games are light-hearted challenges that bridesmaids give to the groom and his groomsmen, before the groom is allowed to see the bride

Part of the Chinese wedding ritual includes the groom entourage fetching his bride from her parents home. The bridesmaids aka "ji mui" would block the way and present some challenges for the boys before opening the door.


For many Chinese weddings, having tze mui's -sister troop of bride- to play the door games or known as fetching the bride games is a huge part of the day. The door games are always fun, light-hearted and the heng dai's -brother troop of the groom- have some suffering to do before the ceremony! While the bride awaits patiently in another room for her groom to pass all the tasks her good ladies have set until he is allowed to 'fetch her'.


However, sometimes they can be too extreme or plain right cringeworthy:

1. We'll do just fine without the memory of grown men wearing diapers outside their pants mentally burned into our minds

Image via thenatstory.com

Image via thenatstory.com

The groom and his groomsmen are to put on adult diapers and asked to perform several tasks like jumping jacks or wiggling their butts to spell out words. Because you know, wearing diapers after the age of 3 is not embarrassing enough.

2. The groom licking whipped cream off someone's toes and then proceeding to kiss his bride!

3. We're not sure exactly what is achieved by making the groom eat a banana placed at the best man's crotch

Wedding door games can take an extremely vulgar and inappropriate turn where the groom has to eat a banana placed at the best man's crotch (sometimes the roles are reversed). If they're unlucky, the other groomsmen have to participate as well. We will never look at bananas the same again!

4. Seeing a man do push-ups on top of another man while biting food off the person's mouth seems like a scene from a terrible movie

The groom or groomsman have to pair up, assume a position of either being on top or bottom, and what ensues is an extremely awkward game. They would have to do push ups on top of their 'partner' while performing certain tasks like taking a bite off the food from the other person's mouth, etc. The question is, is it better to be the one on top or bottom?

5. As if it's not bad enough, the groomsman has to wear a bra AND someone has to suck on it too?!

Image via thenatstory.com

Image via thenatstory.com

Balloons filled with some form of liquid (typically milk) are attached to the bra and the groomsmen have to drink from it. This can easily go down in history as one of the weirdest way a bra is being utilised.

6. Okay, things somehow get very PG-13 while popping innocent-looking pink balloons...

Popping balloons can be strangely satisfying but this is definitely not one of the preferred ways to do it.

7. Groomsmen doing anything on the groom's lap with force

Balloons are placed on the groom's thighs and the groomsmen have to jump and land on the balloons to pop them. Not only does this look extremely painful, we sincerely hope the groom will still be able to produce offspring after going through that.

8. "Please don't drop the seaweed, please don't drop the seaweed, please don't drop the seaweed"

Image via judytran.com

Image via wedresearch.net

In this 'heng dai' game, the groom and his groomsmen have to pass a piece of seaweed to one another with their mouths. Despite being terribly common, it's still uncomfortable to watch, especially when the piece of seaweed is waaay too small.

What are some of the extreme 'heng dai' games you've witnessed in weddings that have gone too far? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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