Nasi Lemak Frappe, myBurgerLab Condoms & 14 Other Unique Items Are Releasing This April

Bubble tea seems sus.

Cover image via FamilyMart (Facebook) & Starbucks Malaysia (Facebook)

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1. FamilyMart's oden-flavoured perfume

But got tom yum scented perfume ah?

2. Tealive's bubble tea face mask that smells like bubble tea

For boba addicts who can't go a day without inhaling bubble tea.

3. Starbucks' nasi lemak frappe

This atas version definitely costs more than the nasi lemak bungkus that's sold by mak ciks near the road.

4. Daboba's limited edition sambal belacan milk tea

"Um, polis? I'm stuck in a spicy situation... Where am I? In the toilet."

5. Subway's daily face wash with sandwich ingredients

"Your face looks as fresh as a sandwich," said no one, ever.

6. myBurgerLab's flavoured condoms

Wiener wiener, burger dinner.

7. Spade's Burger's boba burger

The tamest food combo on this list, and something you might actually try... if you like boba that much.

8. Tiger Sugar's stinky toufu boba drink

"Yes, boss, tambah stinky toufu in my drink. Make it extra stinky, please."

9. Sushi YA's wasabi, mentai, and teriyaki toothpaste

If you brush your teeth with food, does it count as brushing your teeth?

10. The Alley's nasi lemak boba

"I'll have nasi lemak, but without the pearls and oranges, please."

11. 7-Eleven's banana and durian Slurpee

We would totally recommend this... if this were available.

12. Nando's PERi-PERi flavoured bubble tea

Probably the hottest thing on their menu today.

13. Mykōri's nasi lemak and tempoyak Kakigori

The dessert is the main course, and the main course is the dessert.

14. Hup Seng's ghost pepper crackers

We recommend dipping these crackers into any of the spicy drinks from this list.

15. Watsons' Luna Moonscreen

Sunscreen by day, moonscreen by night.

16. Yunique's kampua mee boba tea

After everything else... why not?

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