Nasi Lemak Condoms Will Soon Be Sold In Malaysian Stores

Why? Because nasi lemak unites us all.

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Malaysians looking to 'spice up' their sex lives, can now do it in the favour of the ultimate comfort food known to us: nasi lemak

A Malaysian condom company, Karex Berhad, which is the world’s largest condom maker, is bringing a flavoured condom inspired by Malaysia’s national dish.

Packets containing flavours of Malaysia's national dish for 'pleasurable' purposes.

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The "nasi lemak" condom comes with a faintly smell of coconut and are coated with a warming lubricant

A file photo showing the nasi lemak dish.

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The company, that sells a variety of flavoured condoms with ‘pleasure-boosting’ textures, has spent six months carrying out tests before coming up with the flavour of Malaysia's favourite breakfast. Its other condoms have so far been fruit flavoured.

Last year, the company launched durian-flavoured condoms.

Karex CEO Goh Miah Kiat says these condoms are about "public health, and I want to get the message across to people"

He insists that the range of wacky condoms are more than just a marketing gimmick and were designed to encourage contraceptive use in the Muslim-majority country.

The company's senior executive director famously called Malaysia's "condom king" was listed as one of the 50 richest people in the country by Forbes Asia.

Asked about the idea behind the nasi lemak condoms, Goh said:

"We Malaysians are divided across our political ideas, religion and race. I felt one thing that unites us all (is): 'Where's the best nasi lemak place you've been?'"

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The limited-edition condom should hit shops in a couple of months

Karex — which sells condoms under the brand name Carex — is currently working on packaging and the limited-edition condom should hit shops in November or December.

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