This Korean Baby's 100th Day Celebration Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

'Baek-il' is a traditional Korean celebration to mark a baby's 100th day.

Cover image via Twitter @LorraineYe (Edited by SAYS)

Over the weekend, Twitter user @LorraineYe shared photos of her nephew's baek-il - a Korean tradition that celebrates a baby's first 100 days

Speaking to SAYS, 25-year-old Lorraine Ye explained, "It's a celebration of life! [Historically,] lots of things played into babies falling ill within the first hundred days, like frigid temperatures or poor living conditions."

Ye added that part of the celebrations involve dressing the baby in a hanbok, serving rice cakes, and wishing the baby longevity and blessings

Here's a better look at Ye's nephew, Elliot, in his hanbok:

Ye also added a hilarious edit of Elliot, which gave him the vibe of a tiny emperor:

Netizens were absolutely enamoured by Elliot and reacted with praise for the tiny 'emperor'

"Disguising yourself in plain sight as the cent[re] of the buffet in your hono[u]r is such a power move," wrote author Alexander Chee.

Journalist Jae-Ha Kim wrote, "He so cute! Congrats to your nephew on being the king of the world!"

Another netizen wrote, "When I saw the feet I made a noise that sounded like my grandmother inhabited my body for a moment."

Other netizens had even more dramatic reactions to Elliot:

"[T]his child banished me from my lands and took my prized horses to slaughter on his own whim and I thanked him for being such a good ruler," said Twitter user @WhereDidJennyGo.

There was even a Mulan reference thrown in: "Not to be dramatic but I would take my father's place and fight in a war for him."

Though, the winning reaction goes to this user:

Ye told SAYS that said she and her family were shocked at the tweet going viral, but are nevertheless happy about it

Another funnily edited photo of Elliot by Ye.

Image via Twitter @LorraineYe

"It was a lowkey family gathering with no more than 17 or 18 people," she explained.

"We're happy though - it's easy for the Internet to turn something into a dark twisted meme, and Elliot's been received so well we can't help but be happy about it all."

The popularity of the tweet also means that Elliot's parents have given in to the "demands of the people" and made him an Instagram account, which you can follow here.

May you live long and prosper, Elliot!

Elliot - who is half Korean, half Chinese - also wore a Chinese outfit during the celebration.

Image via Twitter @LorraineYe

Meanwhile, this little girl has such gorgeous hair that she was recruited for a Pantene ad!

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