Japanese Baby Girl Who Went Viral For Amazing Hair Is Now An Adorable Model For Pantene

She has over 377,000 followers on Instagram.

Cover image via Instagram @babychanco/Instagram @pantene_jp_official

Baby Chanco melted the hearts of the collective Internet when she went viral last year for her luscious mane of hair

The baby girl, who just turned one on 23 December, was born with with a head full of thick black locks, reported My Modern Met.

Chanco's mother Mami Kano shares adorable photos of Chanco and her showstopping hair on Instagram, which has amassed over 377,000 followers to date!

With such a divine halo, it wasn't long before Baby Chanco was snapped up for her first modelling job - with Pantene!

The news was first teased with the release of "The Hairy Tale" video, starring Baby Chanco herself.

Baby Chanco's imagination runs wild in the video, as her hair allows her to imagine herself as various things:

Despite being only a year old, Baby Chanco has somehow managed to gain haters, too

The video lists some negative comments Baby Chanco has received as a result of her fame, such as why she "can't be normal" and that she looks "weird", questioning why her mother doesn't "cut [Chanco's] hair to look like other babies", and worst of all, saying "I really want to cut it off". 

But it's all okay in the end, because Baby Chanco's mother loves her no matter how she looks <3

In fact, towards the end of the video, Baby Chanco even inspires other mothers to keep their baby's hair long and fluffy like hers!

Baby Chanco was officially announced as a Pantene ambassador last week, alongside her fellow ambassador Sato Kondo

Sato, who is a well-known Japanese television announcer and rocks the most gorgeous grey mane, was also the narrator of Chanco's "The Hairy Tale".

"We feel [Chanco's] beautiful hair has strong power that makes people positively move forward," P&G Japan Hair Care associate brand director Yoshiaki Okura told People.

"And we also support her mother's positiveness to post wonderful moments with Chanco."

We can't wait to see Baby Chanco rock her locks more in the future!

Watch "The Hairy Tale" here and try not to squeal from the cuteness of it all.

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