This Aunty Made People Think She Jumped Out Of Her Apartment But She Was Actually Sleeping

Calm down, it's a tradition.

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A man thought an aunty had jumped out of her apartment after seeing her lying on the ground outside a building in Singapore

Photos posted by Facebook user Boy Zam on Saturday, 12 January, showed the woman wearing a red saree lying on newspapers.

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Its caption read: "Walao I thought aunty commit suicide leh until I saw her drying her stuffs."

It turned out that the aunty was simply drying spices in the sun and was believed to have fallen asleep next to the condiments

Boy Zam commented that perhaps she decided to lie with the food to ward off birds that might steal it.

Other people commented that she might have wanted to prevent stray cats or people from mistaking the food for waste.

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Relieved to know the truth, people couldn't help but find the whole thing hilarious

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Some jokingly said that she might have been doing her rendition of the Falling Stars challenge

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Image via Facebook

However, others found it offensive and decided to educate the public on the matter

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Image via Facebook

TL;DR it is an Indian tradition to dry certain spices in the afternoon sun. 

Talk about being misunderstood!

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