Guy Ends Up With 'Play' Button Hairdo Because His Barber Took A Paused Video Too Literally

At least you know he's detail-oriented!

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We've all done this before on a trip to the barber's. It is, after all, much easier to show your stylist a photo of David Beckham or Rihanna instead of trying to explain the specific style you have in mind.

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However, this guy in China didn't quite get the haircut he wanted when he showed his barber a paused video (note the giant 'Play' button) instead of a photo

His barber may have been a little too detail-oriented... coz he actually shaved two 'Play' buttons onto each side of the customer's hair!

According to the original post on Weibo, the customer was allegedly watching a video at the salon and paused the video to show his desired hairstyle to the barber. 

The barber, having glanced at the screen, apparently asked the customer if he wanted to keep the triangles

Not entirely sure what the barber was referring to, the man simply said yes, not realising that he was about to end up with play buttons on either side of his head. :p 

But hey, at least the customer seemed to be cool with it and even called his unique haircut "cute"!

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