You Know Balik Kampung Season Is Here When You Start Doing These Things...

Time to plot out the optimum date and time for that journey back home!

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Balik kampung season is almost here, which means you're probably about to experience all of these really soon:

1. Trying to find the most effective way to fit your baju raya collection, among other things, into your luggage bag

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Add on the casserole dish set you'd ordered for Tok Long, the shoes that Pak Busu asked to kirim, and the 15 jars of kuih raya you'd bought on a whim, you'll most likely end up with enough luggage to comfortably stay in your hometown for a year.

2. Making a trip to the bank to change cash for duit raya

And feeling like a ballin' high-roller with all those crisp stacks of cash. You're about to make it rain green packets.

3. Strategising to bertolak at 3am to avoid drivers who are leaving at 5am (who are avoiding the 7am jam)

Reality: You probably should have pushed off at 1am instead to avoid the 3am jam. Well, that's what your selok belok instincts are for anyway! When it comes to escaping the jam, there isn't an alternative route you don't know.

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But whichever route you end up on, you're sure to keep safety as your top priority! You've got all your sleeping hacks to ensure you're well-rested before the drive. Plus, if sleepiness gets in your way along the drive, there are always coffee pit-stops at Shell Select stores and Shell Deli2Go to look forward to!

4. Turning the ride home into an all-out karaoke session

The repertoire will not be complete without at least several rounds of (what else?) Balik Kampung!

5. Spending the last day of Ramadan preparing for Raya

With less than 24 hours to go to the big day, you know the day before Raya is when things tend to get a little hectic (and a lot of fun)! If you play your cards right, you'll probably be able to get away with less strenuous tasks, like weaving ketupat, sweeping the house, or putting up pelita.

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But if you get put in charge of kacau dodol duties... well, we wish you the best of luck. A little advice: Put your back into it!

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6. Enjoying the last buka puasa of the year with Mak's / Mak Ngah's / Opah's greatest hits

Bonus: An innocent stroll into the kitchen after berbuka can land you an impromptu food tasting session of the next day's top dishes too!

7. Standing by in front of the TV for that Raya announcement

TBH, this is probably the only time in the year that you tune in to TV1.

9. Going to bed early to wake up nice and fresh for Raya prayers

10. Most importantly, being in the company of your top-most favourite people in the world!

There's no better time for celebration, forgiveness, and strengthening of relationships =)

Here's to a blessed Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Wishing you a safe drive home and all the joy and happiness this festive season brings.

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