[PHOTOS] This Kitten Has 2 Faces And 3 Eyes


  • Meet Bettie Bee, a kitten born with two faces and three eyes

  • The little critter was born in Eastern Cape, South Africa, on 12 December. Today she turned 12 days old.

    • While just like any other kitten she has four paws, one tail and two ears, Bettie has two noses, two mouths and three eyes.

      Due to her extra "features", she is called "Janus cats" after the Roman god of the same name, who is usually portrayed as having two faces.

  • It's a case of craniofacial duplication

    • Craniofacial duplication is an extremely rare congenital condition that causes certain facial features to double in the womb.

  • While animals affected by this trait often die in the womb or shortly after birth, Bettie's case has been different. She's thriving.

    • A surprising fact that has made Bettie Internet famous, with a Facebook page created especially for her to keep the people curious about her informed.

      Bettie, who currently weighs 227g, has 28K Facebook fans.

  • Bettie is currently under the care of a cat rescuer in Eastern Cape who is known for taking in special-needs cats

    • According to a report in Newsweek, the cat-owner, upon facing difficulty in nursing the kitten, brought Bettie to a nearby cat rescuer.

      The rescuer, a female who wishes to remain anonymous, has started tube-feeding the kitten. According to the rescuer, Bettie can feed through either mouth as both are functional and both lead to the stomach.

    • 6 days today

      Posted by Bettie Bee on Monday, 18 December 2017
  • The tabby-coloured kitten is growing like a normal kitten

    • The rescuer said that Bettie has been to the vet when she was one day old.

      "We decided it's best to take her back for scans etc when she is a bit bigger," Newsweek reported the rescuer as saying via email.

  • We wish Bettie, who is surviving against the odds, a happy life :)

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