Syed Saddiq Gets Roasted By YouTuber In An Interview But He Responds With Some Sick Burns

The parliament has trained Young Bro (YB) Syed Saddiq to always quickly come up with sick burns.

Cover image via WABIKONG 挖金 (YouTube)

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We know you love the tremendous awkward energy in the American talk show, Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Our personal favourite episodes are definitely the ones with Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, and Matthew McConaughey.  

Zach Galifianakis interviewed then US president Barack Obama for the comic relief we all needed in life.

Image via Funny or Die via GQ

But what if the show was set in Malaysia?

Think no more. Local YouTube channel Wabikong is here to deliver the local version of the show, Between Two Laksa. And their first guest is none other than... YB Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman!

But instead of Yang Berhormat (YB), it's Young Bro, an address they somehow establish after trying very hard to suppress their laughter.

"Assalamualaikum, da jia hao, eppadi irukeenga vanakkam. My name is Syed Saddiq. I'm the member of parliament (MP) of Muar. And today, all of you, including this guy to my right, are also in Muar," begins Young Bro.

Very quickly, show host Sai asks whether "da jia hao" (Chinese for hello) is the only Chinese phrase he knows, to which the 30-year-old MP sharply retorts that he definitely knows "more Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, and better than your Malay lah".

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman (right) and Sai trying to repress their laughter.

Image via WABIKONG 挖金 (YouTube)

The 21-minute interview is filled with awkward silences, snappy jabs, brutal comebacks, and bizarre jokes... all in line with the good ol' fashioned banter we know and love from the original show

It's best for you to watch the video to enjoy the duo's killer comedic prowess.

Without spoiling too much, check out some of the questions Sai asked:

– Is 大家好 the only Chinese phrase you know?
– What do you become when you're happy?
– Are votes based solely on your handsome face?
– How often do you open your own IG?
– Do you spend more time on Yang Berbulu's IG or your IG?
– If your cat and rakyat drop into the river, who will you save first?
– Is your dad a Singaporean?
– Do you plan to make Muar the next Singapore?
– How long do you think RM1 will be SGD3?
– What is the plan for MUDA in 50 years?
– Does MUDA have any plans to recruit ex-UMNO member, KJ?
– Why do you think Proton sales have skyrocketed after it's been bought out?
– Do you prefer Myvi or X70?
– Should UMNO and BERSATU be renamed to UMNO 1 and UMNO 2?
– Did you expect most of UNDI18 to go for PAS?
– Is Johor Laksa made of spaghetti?
– Vote for Sarawak Laksa or Penang Laksa?

Our favourite joke comes after Sai confirms Syed Saddiq's love for both his cat and the rakyat, asking, "So one day, if your cat and the rakyat drop in the river, who would you save first?"

Syed Saddiq: Rakyat can swim or not? My cat can swim.
Sai: Really ah?
Syed Saddiq: Yeah.
Sai: What a good puss... I mean wow, smart cat. So, you would save the rakyat lah? Just leave Yang Berbulu (the MP's cat) alone?
Syed Saddiq: Yeah, because my Yang Berbulu is as independent as me. Can swim.
Sai: What a smart PR answer. Smart move.
Syed Saddiq: That's why I'm here.

Speaking to SAYS, Sai said the interview was conducted on 17 February

"He's so kind to come down to Muar just to bring us [to] tour around and [do] the interview. Then, on the very same day, he had to rush back to KL. So much daddykasi for our small channel," the YouTuber shared.

When asked whether he had prepped Syed Saddiq with some sick burns beforehand, Sai said everything we see in the video was done in one take without any rehearsal.

Sharing some insight into the interview, Sai said, "Believe it or not, we did send some questions to him to make sure [they are] not too offensive. But he told us, 'Nevermind. Any questions also can. I will pusing pusing, no problem.'

"So, basically, there's no rehearsal and it's a one-take interview. I also did some impromptu questions on the spot, too."

Sai also revealed that he met the Muar MP at an event two weeks before the shoot.

"And that's where we had this idea of parodying Between Two Ferns, with the flavour of our channel. We then started our two scripts. We shot two videos: one interview [and] another one about touring in Muar," he said.

At the time of writing, the video has garnered almost 100,000 views on Facebook with 1,400 shares.

You can watch the full Between Two Laksa video below:

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