Boatman Loses Steering Stick While Ferrying Customers & Paddles With His Hands Instead

Not-so-smooth sailing, shall we say?

Cover image via @七 (Douyin)

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Bamboo rafting on the Yulong River is a popular tourist attraction in Guangxi, China, where passengers can float through the river and soak up the idyllic scenes of simple rural life

Carrying a maximum of two passengers, bamboo rafts on the Yulong River are punted slowly by a man with a bamboo pole, typically lasting for 40 to 90 minutes.

But with these manual boat rides, there's just no telling where the waves might take you, sometimes.

One boatman found himself in quite the predicament when he lost his stick while ferrying passengers across the Yulong River

While navigating his raft along the stream, the boatman's trusty bamboo paddle — became lodged between the cracks of the rocks on the riverbed.

The boatman even slipped while desperately trying to keep hold of the stick, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, the two passengers seated on reclined bamboo chairs were blissfully unaware of the internal turmoil that was probably raging in their boatman's mind

They were too caught up with the serenity surrounding them.


Image via @七 (Douyin)

As the stick drifted further and further out of reach, the boatman seemed resigned to the situation, unsure of what to do next

Left with no other choice, he aptly decided to dip his hands into the river, using them to paddle and steer the boat the best he could.

Only then did the passengers realise that something was amiss.

Image via @七 (Douyin)

The slapstick-like scene was caught on video and shared by @七 on the Chinese social media platform, Douyin.

Soon, a stream of humorous and creative quips flooded the comments section, creating conversational scenarios about the situation

"Boatman: I can only help you up to this point.
Passenger: Why?
Boatman: I am a passenger now too."

Image via Douyin

"Boatman: Don't panic, you two! Ah! It's nothing serious, it's just that the steering wheel is missing and the brakes are gone too."

Image via Douyin

"Boatman: We are done.
Passenger: Is that it?
Boatman: I said we're done. :)"

Image via Douyin

"Boatman: Why don't one of you get up and let me sit for a while?"

Image via Douyin

"Take this as lesson for the future.  Prepare more bamboo wormwood on the bamboo raft."

Image via Douyin

Fortunately (or more like unfortunately), boatmen losing their bamboo sticks in the middle of the river is actually a pretty common occurrence

Boatmen have helped each other retrieve bamboo sticks for stranded rafts plenty of times before.

Well, the two passengers got to enjoy the quaint and peaceful riverside view for a little while longer, at least

Image via @七 (Douyin)

Watch the full scene here:

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