"A Gift From Us" — Dad Sheds Tears After His Children Surprise Him With New Motorcycle

The son told SAYS that his father was drawn to the motorcycle at the shop because his old lorry had the same licence plate number.

Cover image via @norazambudin (Twitter)

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A video of a father shedding tears of joy after his children surprised him with a meaningful gift recently went viral on Twitter

The father, Azmi Ibrahim, can be seen in the one-minute clip talking to a salesman while looking at a red motorcycle with the licence plate 'AMY 5856'.

He told the salesman that the plate number was his favourite and asked if he could also purchase a plate bearing the number '5856'.

"Do you like this number?" the salesman asked.

"This is my lorry's plate number, '5856'," replied Azmi.

Throughout the conversation, Azmi was surrounded by his wife and children, who watched as the man looked adoringly at the motorcycle.

While speaking to the salesman, Azmi was suddenly stopped by his son, Alif Amirul, who revealed that the motorcycle was actually a gift for him

"Dad, this motorcycle is actually a gift from us (the siblings)," said Alif.

Alif's siblings then whooped and yelled, "Surprise!" to Azmi, who stood speechless at the gift.

After telling Azmi that the motorcycle was his Father's Day gift, the children hugged him and he slowly began to cry.

At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 3,300 retweets and 600,000 views.

In a conversation with SAYS, Alif said that his father and siblings have been selling food at a pasar malam near their home since 1991

Alif said his dad was drawn to the licence plate because the lorry he drove to bring the food to the pasar malam also had the same number.

"My dad has been using the same motorcycle for the past 27 years. One day, he showed me a photo of a motorcycle and said that he wanted to buy it," Alif told SAYS.

"I told my siblings about our conversation and we immediately called a motorcycle shop near our home to book the bike that he wanted," he added.

Alif went on to say that they purchased the gift in order to repay their father's kindness over the years of raising them.

"We're happy that we got to carve a smile on his face," said Alif.

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