[VIDEO] Little Boy's Wish To Sit On Police Motorbike Comes True By Kind Officers In Penang

"Amma! Amma! Police motorbike! Yeshwaanth must sit!"

Cover image via Paramyesh Ben (Facebook)

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A little boy had his wish come true when a pair of friendly police officers noticed how much he wanted to sit on their bright and shiny motorcycles

The little boy's mother, Paramyesh Ben, took to Facebook to thank the police officers for kindly fulfilling her son's little dream while they were taking a night-time stroll in Georgetown, Penang.

Recounting how it came about, she wrote, "Last week, he saw police motorbikes with their sirens on at a petrol station and said, 'Amma! Amma! Police motorbike! Yeshwaanth must sit!'."

The mother said he looked so unhappy when she initially told him that he couldn't.

However, the two officers, who must have seen Yeshwaanth's excitement from the distance, started walking over to say hello to him

"I was surprised when the policemen came and talked to him, plus he got a chance to sit on their motorbike!" said Paramyesh.

The happy mother posted videos and photos of the wholesome interaction, with her little boy looking clearly delighted to be sitting on the police patrol vehicle.

One of the videos also shows the three-year-old finally climbing back into his father's arms and blowing small kisses to the officers as they bid goodbye.

The cute exchange won many hearts online

"Thank you, PDRM. You have inspired a future police officer," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

"He's having so much fun. So happy. Congratulations and well done. Maybe one day he can become a police officer and serve the country too," said another.

Image via Facebook

The official Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) Facebook account also took notice of the viral post and thanked Lance Corporal Muhammad Nazri Yusof and Lance Corporal Muhammad Nor Shahril Abdul Hamid from the Pulau Tikus police station for giving the boy the exciting opportunity.

Watch Yeshwaanth's adorable goodbye to the officers below:

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