"Kena Friendzone" — FamilyMart Now Has A Menu Just For Single People

Gwenchana. :')

Cover image via Shah A/Foursquare & ELIzix/YouTube

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Following its recent menu for boyfriends and girlfriends who can't decide what to eat, FamilyMart Malaysia has now come up with a menu just for single people

In an Instagram post today, 16 November, the convenience store shared a 'Single Menu' with the following items:

- Perut Bunyi / Stomach Growling (starting from RM3.30)

- Mengidam / Mouth Itchy (RM7.90)
Sofuto milkshake

- Kena Friendzone (starting from RM7.50)
Corn sausage

- Rasa Lonely (RM3.90)

- Feeling Gwenchana (RM8.90)

- Healing (starting from RM6.90)
Ramen (makan tepi tasik)

In the post's caption, however, the convenience store reminded customers to use the actual names of items when ordering, instead of their funny nicknames

But people have already been cheekily commenting with the nicknames.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Thanks, FamilyMart :')

This was the menu for indecisive people in relationships:

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