From Boba To AirAsia Meals & Sunblock: Here Are 20 Things The Media Received At The Palace

At this juncture, Istana Negara is where free samples come to you.

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While reporters continue to work tirelessly outside Istana Negara under the hot sun, rest assured that they are well fed and hydrated by the generosity of the people

Ever since Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri'ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah treated journalists stationed outside Istana Negara to KFC and McDonald's in the last two days, more and more people have come up to the palace and the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) to hand out food and beverages to fellow reporters.

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Today, 26 February, we have seen our childhood favourite Milo truck parked outside the palace to hand out the icy chocolate malt drink, as well as Xiaomi handing out powerbanks.

The YDPA also served ikan patin tempoyak to reporters during lunch time earlier.

But that is not all they are getting. Here is a list of things that reporters have received so far while they cover news pertaining to the current political turmoil:

1. Chicken rice from AirAsia

According to The Star, AirAsia brought chicken rice and mineral water to about 50 reporters stationed outside of the PMO.

2. Instant meals from Chim Doo

In an Instagram video, the people behind Chim Doo demonstrated to journalists how the boxed meal can be self-heated using the components that come inside the packaging.

Chim Doo said that they are giving out free food to journalists, police officers, and firefighters on duty at Istana Negara.

3. San Francisco Coffee

In a Facebook Story, the people behind San Francisco Coffee were seen giving out cups of coffee and other ice blended drinks to the media.

4. Bubble tea from Tealive

Reporters were seen beaming as they were handed a cup of boba each. The act of generosity was even captured by national television TV3.

5. Kuih and masala tea from Masala Wheels

Food truck and catering company Masala Wheels walked up to reporters and gave them the best tea time break - some kuih and masala tea.

6. Saji's teh tarik

We are not pulling your leg. There was free flow teh tarik at the palace.

7. Sparkling juice from Haus Boom

8. Clothing from Hari-Hari

Reporters and authorities working at Istana Negara were getting more than just food and beverages.

Hari-Hari, a fashion retail chain, was seen handing out bags of clothing to people working on-site.

9. Nasi lauk from Nasi Lan Kedah

For those who crave from some Kedah cuisine, Nasi Lan Kedah brought a generous amount of packed food to the scene and reporters could not be happier.

10. Sandwiches and drinks from Era FM

The people behind Era FM, a local Malay language radio station, were seen giving out plastic-packed sandwiches and bottles of cultured milk Calpis at the PMO today.

11. Energy bars from Fitbar

12. Ice cream! :p

Reporters also got to indulge in Nestlé Kit Kat drumstick and Oreo ice cream under the hot sun.

13. Burgers from Burger King

On Burger King's Instagram Story, Foodpanda riders were seen handing out burgers to reporters.

14. Instant noodles from Mamee

The instant noodle and snack manufacturer came to the palace in a food truck.

15. Nasi kandar from Nasi Kandar Espress

16. Sunblock from Nuvit Malaysia

Fellow photographers and videographers must have needed this a lot.

17. Crackers and wet wipes from Giant

18. Meals from Marry Brown

19. Bubble tea from Gong Cha

Another bubble tea on the list.

20. Goodie bags from Watsons

Watsons jumped in to provide goodie bags to fellow media personnel camping outside the palace!

Posted by SAYS on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Reporters were given miscellaneous toiletries by health and beauty care chain store Watsons.

Here are other treats reporters received while stationed outside Istana Negara: